Skyscraper heels often cause us many headaches, indeed walking in them all day long can result in serious back and foot pain.

However with the workout techniques revolutionized there comes the high heel workout that help with the discomfort caused by high heels. Learn the greatest benefits and the brand new high heel workout.

The new high heel workout proves to be extremely useful both for those who want to gain confidence to walk with ease on the highest of the heels and as well as for those who crave for toned and beautiful legs.

Rosalind Neilen, a trainer from Florida offers a revolutionary plan to add a charming effect to your legs. She eagerly promises that this 6 weeks workout will help you in strutting as if born for walking on stiletto heels.

The New High Heel Workout

The 30 minute sessions of the new high heel workout is split in two combining some toning and balancing exercises. In the first 10 minutes you’ll be nicely asked to put on your favorite high heels. It’s basically about doing some nice steps, walking to diverse tempos and music. These special exercises will help you in getting used to and having more fun wearing sky-high heels. What could be more amazing then to start an exhaustive, active session with some nice dancing.

Then before going on with the remaining 20 minutes, participants will switch their high heels with their most comfortable sneakers. Toning and workout will make up for the relaxed 10 minutes from the beginning. The new high heel workout is not really a weight loss oriented plan. However isn’t it more fun shedding those extra-pounds without desperately parroting it to ourselves?

High Heels Running

It might seem pretty funny and even ridiculous to exercise on high heels. However think about the effort you can save and learn how to train your legs for some serious walking.

An additional benefit of the high heel workout is that it shapes both your legs and tummy as well as your back. Experiment with the new craze and put on your favorite high heels for a sexy workout.