There are several myths related to workout and fitness in general. In several cases people spread wrong beliefs in the gym – specialists try to bust these myths in order to prevent accidents or other unfortunate events.

1. Overweight people should ignore workouts

Busted! Workouts are highly recommended for overweight people, however they should take care of starting slowly.

Don’t start right ahead with aerobic, walking is as good as a sweaty workout session. Try to increase the number of steps gradually.

2. Sweating is a good sign that you’re loosing weight

Busted! Sweating is a reaction of our body to hyperventilation. Its aim is to cool down the body, the weight we lose with sweat is only retained water weight, not fat. Having a workout on a hot summer day can increase the water weight loss, however you’ll feel exhausted after and can cause dehydration.

It is essential to constantly rehydrate yourself to avoid heat stroke.

3. After you stop exercising your precious muscles will turn into fat

Busted! Specialists claim that fat and muscles have nothing to do with each other. This myth became wide known because people tend to experience that their muscles disappear after a period without physical activities.

If you continue to consume the same amount of calories, you’ll immediately gain weight. Muscles became smaller (a process called atrophy) that’s why people believe that these transform into fat, which is wrong.

4. Workout is enough and I don’t have to eat healthy

Busted! As we said earlier fat and muscles have nothing to do with each other. During workout you build muscles, however if you don’t lose weight, muscles will be camouflaged under a thick layer of fat.

Exercises are aimed to tone your body, on the other hand a healthy diet will help you lose fat.

5. I don’t have breakfast before exercising to burn more calories

Busted! It was demonstrated that if you exercise without having breakfast, you’ll be able to burn a larger amount of fat during workout. However, if you eat before workout, you have strength to exercise for a longer span of time and with a more serious intensity.

It depends on the exercise you practice – for a 20 minutes walk it is okay to ignore breakfast. The case of swimming and cycling is different, you’ll have to eat to have enough energy for it.

6. Drinking water while working out is wrong

Busted! In fact it is highly recommended by specialists to drink water before and during your workout. Cramps that may appear after exercising is a sign that your body is dehydrated, drink a large amount of water to prevent their appearance. Drinking pure water is necessary, because we have to recover the fluids lost through sweating.