If you’re looking to get fit fast, supplements are the solution, since fitness workouts are only half of the equation. One of your concerns might be that muscle and fitness supplements are not safe and can lead to future health problems. Truthfully, the answer is – not necessarily! It really depends on what fitness supplements for women you choose to take. But, before choosing the best fitness supplements, make sure you have a balanced and healthy diet for at least 5-6 days of the week, don’t rush things through by substituting processed cereals as meals.

Protein Powder

Not only suitable for men, these fitness supplements for women help you fight cravings for unhealthy foods, keeping you energized for your workouts, and can also help you lose considerable tummy fat. If you’re especially sensitive to lactose, there are completely lactose free muscle and fitness supplements, also great for those of you who are on low carb/low fat diets. Those of you who want a protein powder that is vegetarian (or vegan), there are fitness supplements for women with a complete source of essential protein amino acids. These might be on the pricier side but definitely the best of the best natural ingredients from whole food sources.

3 Best Fitness Supplements for Women


If you have a healthy diet full of veggies, fruits, lean meats and beans, then chances are you are probably getting most of your required minerals and vitamins. But if you’re working out, then your body has a greater requirement for these to help recover after strenuous workouts. It’s a safe bet to make sure you get all the required vitamins and minerals by taking a daily fitness supplement which is specifically designed for women.


Creatine is a natural fitness supplement that is hands down one of the most effective in creating strong muscle. It’s naturally found in meat, but having enough to help us in our workouts is pretty challenging unless you are eating tons of meat, so the fitness supplement really makes sense. The way creatine works is pretty simple, it just helps your body store and use more energy especially in intense situations, in other words this fitness supplement helps you get in one or two last repetitions.

Creatine does cause a little water retention, but that water actually helps with the transport of nutrients to our muscles.

3 Best Fitness Supplements for Women

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