Diets vary according to their perspective on healthy eating. Some of the famous diets would reduce the calorie intake others rely on the easier digestion of the stomach which keeps our metabolism on top speed. Regardless of the methods it is a fact that each time a plan pops up on the market celebrities are eager to try it out and if efficient popularize it with their worth-admiring silhouette. Indeed there were still various diet plans generating great controversies among nutritionist. Indeed the methods these socialites use might not be the best one to lose weight and stay healthy at the same time. The worst celeb diet tricks to avoid are the following.

Ice Cubes and Cold Water

Both sleeping in a lower temperature as well as drinking ice cold water are some of the craziest tricks of celebs to lose weight. Indeed it is a well-known fact that in order to keep the proper temperature of the body our organism uses energy, implicitly calorie.

Therefore both models and celebs pamper themselves with bottles of ice water as well as delicious ice cubes in order to get rid of a few pounds and deprive themselves of food.

No less than 40 calories are burnt by the body in order to restore the desired health condition. Indeed this might sound appealing however some celebs upgraded the diet and includes only ice cubes in their eating plan without consuming any other nutritive dishes which is obviously one step towards the ruining of your organism and exhaustion.

Liquid Cleanse

The market is flooded with endless liquid cleaners that promise to flush out the toxins from our organism. Indeed it would cleanse your colon still the greatest drawback of these diet tricks is that it would also leave you without nutrients and vitamins that would also leave your body. Water is essential using a similar method would make you lose energy as well as expose your organism to harsh factors.

Similar liquids are extremely popular among celebs who use them as the quickest and most efficient method to get rid of fat excess in a few days. Skip this trick especially at an early age if you don’t want to generate irreversible damages to your body. Instead rely on the cleansing power of water and consume at least 8 glasses of it per day.

Diet Pills

One of the most dangerous still uber-popular methods to lose weight is the use of diet pills. These tiny magical candies might give you the feeling and guarantee that you can eat anything as these would anyway break down the calorie excess leaving you with a perfect silhouette.

However it seems that nutritionists are on a different opinion. In fact diet pills can have serious and severe side effects if you disregard the instructions that feature on the package.

Some might try to go on with their normal eating plan which might lead to diarrhea, bloating as well as nausea and other unpleasant conditions. Instead of stuffing your body with chemicals make sure you keep an eye on your diet and choose the best plan that suits your lifestyle as well as purpose.

Baby Food

One of the latest diet craze among celebs was launched by the revolutionary baby food diet. Indeed in this case celebs won’t torture their digestive system with solid food. Moreover the calorie content of these delicious dishes are perfect to control the proper intake. Nutritionists claim that it might sound simple to purchase a few bottles of this easy-to-handle and digest baby food, still it won’t offer you enough vitamins to be able to complete your daily schedule especially if you have endless duties on a daily basis. Instead of torturing yourself with exhaustion and being unable to do any exercise due to lack of energy make sure you consume delicious and healthy salads, meat as well as complementary fruit juices to combine the beneficial effect of liquid and solid food.


Drinking coffee might be the best trick to keep you awake all throughout the night and the daily activities. However it seems that it is definitely not the best solution to polish your silhouette and keep your metabolism on full speed. Instead of living on coffee for days especially if you would like to lose a few pounds in less then a week, might create severe damages in your organism putting a high pressure on your organs and most importantly your heart. Skip this tricks and instead pamper your body with healthy juices and pure water. These would cleanse your organism from toxins and would hydrate your skin and body in general to look and feel healthy.