Every time the great public is charmed by the Victoria’s Secret models marching on a long and glamorous runway to show us the great secret that nobody knows except Victoria. In fact, it seems that these girls give their best only to flash their ultra-toned body on the great event.

The girls also have their tricks to look fabulous as nutrition and workout is in fact the key to the Victoria’s Secret models’ diet.

Giselle Bundchen and co-angels, as Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima or Miranda Kerr swear by a complex exercise plan and a balanced nutrition system. This helps them to be constantly in shape.

The main aim of the Victoria’s Secret models’ diet is to avoid processed food, instead they pamper their organism with lots of vegetables and fruits.

Organic food, in the form of delicious salads is very important to offer hydration to both skin and the whole body.

Proteins are also essential to keep their muscles healthy and fight the extra kilos. The models try out different diets, as South Beach, Zone and Macrobiotic diet and some specially designed for them. Let’s see the diets of the veteran models.

Adriana Lima follows the Portion Control Diet. In this plan you can eat almost anything you like, but in a certain limit.

The veteran model decided to cut back on seeds and grains and have lots of fruits and vegetables.

Salads are perfect, sure without any dressing. Brazilian food is her favorite, this cuisine combines all the healthy elements to keep her figure in shape and beautiful. She completes her diet with Capoeira aerobic, a rhythmical and fun exercise.

Heidi Klum – after pregnancy, the model adopted the New York Body Plan diet. It promises a radical makeover only in two weeks. Alcohol, bread, dairy products and sweets are totally forbidden. The max intake of calories must not cross the 1200 barrier.

The Victoria’s Secret model’s secret in fact is to have a meal every three hours. Metabolism is this way kept busy, Heidi’s organism is constantly working, as a result it effectively burns the extra fat. Eating after 8 P.M. is a great no-no for the Victoria’s Secret nymph.

When it comes of snacks, apples are her favorite, to fight the starvation crises. The protein content of the fruit will keep you stuffed until the next meal. Moreover, you’ll benefit from vitamins and minerals, that act as antioxidants.

Giselle Bundchen- her secret is in fact meat. She admitted her fondness for cheeseburgers. Giselle completes her funny Cheeseburger diet with yoga exercises. As a devoted friend of workouts, she keeps her body fit and fresh with walking and relaxation.

Moreover, she adds some cayenne pepper to her meals, a spice that boosts your metabolism. However, she is a lucky person, since she can eat almost anything and still doesn’t get fat.