Victoria’s Secret Angel Erin Heatherton sits down for a chat with Shape magazine and dishes on some of her personal fitness and diet tips. In the interview, the lovely 23-year-old American model admits that she works out with a trainer. “Yes, I like to work out approximately four times per week. We generally try to schedule an appropriate workout for future events,” she says.

Asked about what part of the body she finds it harder to tone, Erin told the magazine that, “I really try to do a full-body workout rather than focusing on a specific part of my body. I utilize a variety of exercises to maximize my heart rate to burn calories.”

Heatherton confesses that when it comes to her favorite type of exercise, she enjoys “doing interval training combined with weight resistance.” As for the most effective move, the model says that, “I don’t really have a particular ‘move,’ just maintaining a consistent gym routine.”

Well, we all know that it’s pretty hard to maintain a certain ‘rhythm’ when starting a special fitness plan. But what keeps Erin going when she doesn’t want to hit the gym? “I like to mix up my workout schedule to ensure that the routine will not become mundane,” she told Shape magazine.

Erin admits that her routine changes before a photo shoot or runway show. “I like to inform my trainer of upcoming events so that we may coordinate a proper workout plan for each event. Sometimes the workout intensifies depending on the upcoming schedule,” she says.

What about diet? What does an average day of eating look like for a Victoria’s Secret Angel? “I try to eat as healthy as possible. This includes eating a balanced diet of foods such as granola, vegetables, protein, nuts, etc,” Heatherton revealed in the interview. On her go-to healthy snack, Erin says that, “I enjoy eating fruits as my healthy snack.”

During a weight-loss program facing temptations can be a real burden. Erin confesses that, “I try to resist temptation as often as possible. I remind myself that end result of giving into temptations is often not worth the expense.”

The gorgeous Angel also spills on the best piece of health advice she has ever received. “The best piece of health advice that I have received is to eat on a consistent basis to maintain a proper level of energy,” she told Shape magazine.

Photos courtesy of Victoria’s Secret