Victoria Beckham just welcomed her baby girl Harper Seven into the world and she's already preparing to drop to her regular size 0 in time for the NY Fashion Week. Find out what diet plan she chose and how she's planning to shed those extra pounds!

Living in the spotlight is definitely not easy as every mistake is immediately displayed all over the press. The pressure of looking perfect is pushing celebrities to pay attention even to the tiniest details. One celebrity which has sparked questions and caused concern as far as her weight goes is Victoria Beckham and apparently her post pregnancy diet is yet again creating a media frenzy.

Victoria Beckham is known for her slender figure, and after giving birth to 4 children, three boys and one girl, and being critiqued for her harsh post pregnancy weight loss plans. It is rumored she is entering a post pregnancy diet, a strict regimen which will help her regain her slender pre-pregnancy body.

Victoria Beckhams Post Pregnancy Diet Victoria Beckham Diet

Victoria Beckham gave birth to a baby girl, Harper Seven just one month ago, and is rumored to be ready to shed her pregnancy pounds so she can get back to her regular size, 0 (zero). According to Daily Mail, the ex-Spice Girl has made a retreat with her family in a rented seven bedroom mansion in Malibu, where she plans to get back in shape. Daily Mail states that Victoria is trying out the new Five Hands diet plan which consists in sticking to a strict regime of eating just five handfuls of food on a daily basis, foods such as smoked salmon, prawns with chilli, yellow-fin tuna sushi, goji berries, nuts and scrambled eggs.

Victoria Beckham Post Baby Diet

Victoria is also cutting down her salt and sugar intake, drinking instead plenty of water to get back to her regular shape in time for New York Fashion Week. Apparently, Victoria has also indulged in a gentle exercising routine, although she has given birth by a C-section. Because doctors don't recommend a rigorous training after a caesarean for at least 8 weeks after the intervention, Victoria is rumored to be preparing a normal gym routine with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, in just a few weeks.

We bet Victoria will pull off losing her baby weight, but do you agree with her decision to get back in shape so fast?

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