Although celebrity diets might seem different to you than the regular diets us mere mortals follow, we have to bear in mind the fact that we could always try one of them, as these are as typical as any other diets. In case you want to look like a star though, you must have determination when it comes to following their favorite diets. For instance, if your purpose is to look like Victoria Beckham and wear size four clothes, then you should know that you have to follow her alkaline diet with as much regularity as she does.

The alkaline diet is based on an eating plan that is very low in acidity and that includes alkaline foods such as raw spinach, avocado, nuts, sprouts, linseed oil, olive oil, cold-water fish and broccoli. The alkaline eating plan also encourages the consumption of large quantities of water. On the other hand, the diet absolutely forbids the consumption of any kind of meat, sugar, caffeine, carbonated drinks, condiments, pastas and white rice.

All in all, you have to know that in fact all acidic foods are left out, so you must get used with the idea of giving them up before starting the diet. Besides the fact that by following this diet you can end up looking like Posh, thanks to it you can also have your insomnia, headaches, muscle pains and bloating problems relieved. Moreover, it is believed that the alkaline diet might also help combating allergies, heart diseases and improving energy levels, so it cannot hurt giving it a try.

Victoria Beckhams Alkaline Diet Plan 2013

It looks like the alkaline diet is not only Victoria Beckham’s current diet, as celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow follow it as well. In fact, it seems that this is the diet of the year, as it is highly balanced and healthy. Besides, it can also generate impressive weight losses.

Victoria Beckham has started following this diet as a result of getting the Honestly Healthy Alkaline Programme book that has been co-written by Natasha Corrett and Vicki Edgson. After reading it and trying the recipes in the book, the famous Posh has even tweeted that she loved the writing, as it presented healthy recipes and therefore taught people how to eat in a more balanced way. Of all the foods that the diet allows consuming, 70% are alkaline, because these are the ones able to keep the pH of the human body at a maximum level of 7.45.

As you can see, the alkaline diet does not look very hard to follow, although it is basically vegetarian. Therefore, in case you wish to have the chance of experimenting something that stars are crazy about, you can try it, too. Nonetheless, you should not expect to look like Victoria Beckham after a week of dieting, as her svelte figure is also maintained through other secrets. The alkaline diet looks to be only one of them, so make sure not to expect too much after the diet, except a healthier body and a more balanced lifestyle.

Victoria Beckhams Alkaline Diet Plan

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