Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the biggest celebrity followers of the Tracy Anderson diet, along with Cheryl Cole, Courteney Cox and Shakira. The combination of the Tracy Anderson diet with the celebrity trainer’s workout seems to have produced excellent results for them, but can it work for everyone?

A former professional dancer turned fitness trainer, Tracy Anderson first became known for training Madonna, but the singer didn’t stick to her diet and workout plans, preferring more active exercise.

Tracy Anderson Method Diet

In the book Tracy Anderson’s 30-Day Method Diet, the blonde trainer claims to help you get a dancer’s body in only 1 month, by focusing exercise on smaller muscle groups.

Tracy Andersons 30 Day Method Diet

The Tracy Anderson Method Diet concentrates on alternating Nutrient Boost Weeks (smaller meals, nutrient-dense foods) with Body Reset Weeks (3 meals every day with one of them being a protein bar).

Every meal in the Tracy Anderson Method Diet Menu is important and the celebrity trainer has created a system that can be followed for months if the dieter has the willpower to stay with it.

Dieters who want to follow the Tracy Anderson Diet Plan should also use the training DVDs included for each week, including a cardio workout and a toning workout, which in some days may exceed 2 hours of exercise.

Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Diet

The 90-day plan, also known as the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Diet can be even harder to follow, but if you’re happy with the Tracy Anderson Method Diet after 30 days, you might try it.

Both diets include plenty of restrictions and allow for no substitutions and no additions. The only treat is one glass of wine every day, while tea is available anytime, without any additions.

Baby Food In Tracy Andersons Diet

Tracy Anderson Baby Food Diet

Along with the other two diets, Tracy Anderson also created the Baby Food Diet, which was never finished and published, but later incorporated into her other diet plans. The concept of substituting one or more meals with baby food didn’t appeal to many diet experts, since the plan would be quite difficult to follow for more than a few days.

The mushy texture of the food and the portion control offered by the separate jars are the ways in which the Tracy Anderson Baby Food tries to restrict calorie intake. Most nutritionists call it a gimmick and argue that crunchy foods can help you feel satisfied with smaller portions.

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