Based on his experience on Extreme Makeover, the New York Diet was designed by fitness expert David Kirsch as a crash diet that promises to help you lose 14 pounds in only 2 weeks. Check out the pros and cons of the New York Diet .

Outlined in the The Ultimate New York Diet book, this weight-loss plan is based on serious restrictions and vigorous daily exercise that provide fast weight-loss.

The New York Diet Basics

Essentially, the New York Diet drastically reduces carbs, along with some major restrictions: dairy, fruit, bread, sugar, coffee and alcohol. Celebrity fitness trainer David Kirsch claims the first 2 weeks of strict dieting can help anyone lose up to 14 pounds and 5 inches off the waist.

The New York Diet

The New York Diet Phases

In the first 2 weeks of the New York diet, even most fats are forbidden, resulting in a daily calorie intake between 800 and 1000. Foods that can be eaten in controlled portions include chicken breast, low-starch vegetables, egg whites, nuts, salmon and whey protein in the form of shakes.

Phase 2 includes the gradual reintroductions of carbs in your diet over a 2 week period with a daily calorie intake of 900 to 1000. Fruits, beans and sweet potatoes are allowed as part of a single daily carbohydrate serving.

Called the lifelong phase by the author, phase 3 lists drastic calorie restrictions and allows for the reintroduction of the forbidden foods from phase 1 into a sustainable long-term healthy diet.

The New York Diet Sample Plan

In the first phase of the program, dieters are allowed 3 meals every day with controlled portions, along with two protein shakes that serve as a morning and afternoon snack.

Breakfast: Egg white omelet with mushrooms and spinach Lunch: Tuna Cobb Salad Dinner: Chicken and vegetable stir-fry

The New York Diet

The New York Diet Pros

Phase 1 provides rapid weight loss that can increase motivation to keep on the diet and make it to the lifelong phase and the book includes recipes, exercise tips and a section dedicated to the right way to eat out on the New York Diet, that includes options from many popular restaurants. Supermodel and TV personality Heidi Klum endorses the program and her experience with the diet is outlined in two pages.

The New York Diet Cons

Some nutritionists believe the calorie restrictions for the first 2 weeks are too severe and that the complete elimination of certain food groups isn’t healthy and doesn’t help muscle tissue.

The exercise plan included in the New York Diet includes a daily activity plan that’s both vigorous and may create additional costs (equipment like medicine ball, dumbbells).