‘You Da One’ singer Rihanna has managed to draw a massive amount of attention through her perfect physique and ever-changing style, and how she keeps so fit has been on most of her fan’s mind. Her appearance at the 2012 Grammy Awards, where she donned a stunning plunging décolletage black Armani dress, stunned the public, so how does Riri manage to keep her curves so alluring?

Well, Finally Rihanna’s workout program has been revealed by her trainer, fitness and nutrition expert Harley Pasternak. According to People, Rihanna maintains her svelte figure by turning towards the 5 Factor program created by the celebrity trainer, a program which has attracted a generous amount of attention from an array of celebrities.

A stunning physique like Rihanna doesn’t come easy with a simple well balanced diet but plenty of physical exercise as well. Harley Pasternak gushes about Rihanna’s training and says:

“She’s got such a beautiful body naturally. With someone like her, it’s about the fine tuning. She looks amazing. She keeps getting better and better!”

Rihanna gets plenty of workout while she’s touring, but also tried to squeeze in a 25 minute workout three times a week. When she’s not touring and she’s settled in a location, Rihanna boosts her workout schedule to five days a week and indulges in a 30 minute cardio workout. Mr. Pasternak said:

“She’s been really focused and stepped it up increasing her sessions to five days a week and bumping her cardio to a total of 30 minutes a day from 10.”

As part of her cardio routine, Rihanna turns to cycling, jumping rope without a rope, stationary jogging and jumping jacks. This enables Rihanna to get her exercises done in the comfort of her hotel room. Harley Pasternak says: “She can do those in a hotel room or backstage before a show.”

Like everyone else Rihanna is not a stranger to cravings and according to her training, the diva craves salty treats every now and then, so to glut her cravings, Rihanna turns towards Pasternak’s high-protein, bean-based 5 Factor chips, which seem to be quite popular among celebrities.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images, @rihanna/Twitter