Oprah is known worldwide for her television show and has always tried to help people to stay healthy. One of Oprah's ways of maintaining health is through healthy dieting and detoxification. Find out Oprah's new detox plan.

Oprah Winfrey the well known American media personality is trying to promote a healthy lifestyle by exercising, eating healthy and cleansing our body at least once a year. She has become known worldwide for her tabloid talk shows and nowadays more cultural based shows. She is a very powerful woman admired for her strength and talent.

She is now promoting self improvement, culture and healthy lifestyles.
Oprah was known for losing a lot of weight and trying to become more healthy. She is trying to detoxify her organism by keeping a 21 day detox diet plan.
This detox diet is supposed to eliminate all the toxins which accumulate in our body due to unhealthy food consumption.

Veggies losing weight

The 21 day detox diet consists in avoiding sugars, caffeine, alcohol, dairy and animal products. You might think what would be left to eat then?
Well vegan food consisting of vegetables, whole grains, peanut butter, nuts, blueberries, strawberries, mushrooms and several other healthy choices of foods. Processed animal food is not healthy for the body because they can contain chemical substances and toxins.

During the detox program it is necessary to consume a variety of foods in order to supply the body with all the necessary nutrients it needs to function at it's highest capacity.
The detox diet will relieve bloating and constipation and promote healthier options through which our body can receive the nutrients it needs. It will also help cleanse the colon because over the years a lot of the toxins accumulated in our organism and deposited on the colon. A detox plan can help the organism and the colon eliminate those toxin deposits that have accumulated over years and years.

If you want your body to purify and fill itself again with energy and vitality try to go vegan and healthy for 21 days like Oprah.
Help you and your body cleanse to become more healthy in an unhealthy world.

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