She’s in her 40’s, carried 5 pregnancies and looks amazing. Nicole Murphy seems to have discovered Aphrodite’s diet secrets, since she is one of the most beautiful celebrities in the world. Nicole is a famous retired model, a jewelry designer and a mother, who always finds time to take care of her well toned body. If you look closely at Nicole’s abs, behind, tights and legs, you can tell she must be the owner of one of the best celebrity diets in the world.

Nicole Murphy Diet Plan

You could describe Nicole’s Murphy diet plan as being pure “clean eating”, meaning she feeds herself with quality lean proteins, digestible fibers, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. As you can assume, Nicole Murphy’s diet rules out simple carbohydrates, sugar and saturated fat.

In other words, Nicole Murphy’s diet plan includes 3 main foods: oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast, chicken for lunch and delicious vegetable salads for dinner. Nicole Murphy says these top three foods make her diet on daily basis and this is how she manages to stay in shape, even though she’s 45 years old, a very busy business woman and a mother of five.

Healthy Breakfast

Nicole Murphy Fitness Routine

If you could stick to a Fitness Routine like Nicole Murphy, you would certainly get a body that screams for admiration. The ex model says she made fitness part of her lifestyle, and this is the healthiest way you can stay fit and not count each calorie you eat.

Nicole Murphy’s Fitness Routine implies doing 4-5 days a week workout, even when she’s traveling. The Hollywood beauty does three types of abs during all workouts, strength exercises, cardio sessions, kinesis machine (also certified for medical and rehab use) and Tae Bo. She also likes doing lunges for her legs and bottom, this being her “sensitive area” she must concentrate the most, because it tends to be susceptible to cellulite.

Abs Workout

When you look at a picture with Nicole in a bathing suit at the beach, you understand how well her diet plan and fitness routine work . Nicole says there are no secrets to a long and happy life, only small sacrifices you make to extend your life for yourself and for your family.

Her diet plan helps her stay healthy and get the nutrients she needs for strong, well-toned muscles. Her fitness routine is essential to live free of the restrictions and pains triggered by the lack of physical activity.

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Photos: Instagram @nickimurphy, Thinkstock