Always on the look out for the next fad diet is never the right way to lose weight and some of the most popular diets in 2014 can be outright dangerous for your overall health. Discover the worst and most dangerous diets of 2014.

From diets that are based on pseudoscience to outright crazy ways of losing weight, find out which fad diets to avoid this year if you want healthy and sustainable weight loss.

Fast Food Diets

Jared Fogle is still promoting the Subway diet more than 15 years since it went mainstream, but other fast food diets are just gaining notoriety. A Seattle mother of two spent over $7,000 on Starbucks products, but an even scarier diet was devised by John Cisna, a high school teacher from Iowa. 

After 90 days of eating only McDonald’s, he lost 37 pounds and saw a significant drop in his cholesterol level. The truth behind both fast food diets is that all dieters increase their level of physical activity. However, even when sticking to a certain number of calories, fast food diets are still some of the most dangerous diets, according to medical experts.


Messing with the hormonal balance of your body is the key concept of biotyping. Celebrity followers include British singer Boy George, but plenty of diet specialists dismiss it. The selective process of choosing only certain foods to lose fat is heavily reliant on dietary supplements and the side-effects could be really negative in the long run.

The Cotton Ball Diet

One of the truly ridiculous and most dangerous diets of 2014, the cotton ball diet started a model diet fad. The obvious risks of soaking cotton balls in fruit juice and swallowing it are malnutrition and possible blockages in the intestinal tracks. Adding to that risk is the fact that most cotton balls aren’t actually made of organic cotton, but also include polyester fibers and other dangerous chemicals.

The Corset Diet

Using a corset to reduce your appetite may be an easy solution, but the Corset Diet is also getting a reputation of being one of the most dangerous diets of 2014. A tight corset will compress your stomach and make you eat less and lose weight, but it can also compress your other internal organs, including your liver and kidneys. If it’s too tight, it can also restrict oxygenation and actually slow down your metabolism.

The HCG Diet

Another diet that uses hormones to control your weight, the HCG diet is promoted as a solution for burning fat in areas where most other diets fail. Unfortunately, besides ingesting and injecting the hormone and even rubbing it on your skin in the form of a cream, the HCG Diet also has a severe calorie restriction. With only 800 calories a day, it’s one of the most dangerous diets. Besides getting too few nutrients on this diet, you can also increase your risk of ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome thanks to the hormone.


A fat diet that also seems to originate from the fashion world, alcorexia is just what it sounds like: a diet that includes big calorie restrictions for solid food, but allows for a lot of alcoholic beverages. The weekly intake of alcohol is more than 4 times higher than the maximum recommended one, but combining it with only 1500 calories a day turns this fad into one of the most dangerous diets of 2014.

The Gluten-Free Diet

If you’re not gluten intolerant, the only benefit of trying the gluten-free diet is that you may be avoiding some high calorie foods that do contain gluten. The downside is that you may overeat gluten-free foods, which aren’t always light when it comes to calories. If you decide to try it this diet, even though you’re not gluten-intolerant, make sure you properly check labels for fat and sugar content.

The Baby Food Diet

Eating pureed food isn’t exactly a new fad, but it’s on the list of most dangerous diets in 2014, thanks to the inadequate nutrition derived from it. While a couple of days may help you lose a little weight, using this diet for a longer time can have serious effects on your health, especially because the baby food diet severely lacks fiber.

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