Miranda Kerr graces the August 2012 cover of Women’s Fitness magazine. In the accompanying interview, the 29-year-old Aussie supermodel, who has been named this year’s brand ambassador of Reebok EasyTone, opens up about a wide range of topics including her healthy diet, her love of vegetables and raw food, her motivation for working out, and many more.

The Victoria’s Secret admits she was raised with a healthy diet and that she is extremely passionate about raw, organic food. “I find the most satisfying food is food that’s full of life, so it’s raw and clean and organic. We have a vegetable patch in LA… when I eat them from there I love that. My grandfather had a vegetable patch when I was growing up and my grandma would just chop the vegetables up and give them to us, so I learned from that,” Miranda explains in her interview.

Miranda Kerr Talks Fitness Diet Workout

What maybe you don’t know is the fact that Miranda studied health and nutrition for 18 months at the Academy of Natural Living in Cairns. “I studied nutrition so I’m a certified health coach. I’m licensed to teach people about healthy eating habits and what not to eat. I love food that’s full of life; raw and organic,” she told the magazine.

Well, no one can deny the fact that Miranda is one smoking hot girl. Speaking about her motivation to work out, the supermodel revealed that, “I think about how good I am going to feel after I work out… It keeps me mentally fit and positive, so I know I just have to get on and do it. It’s important to take care of yourself, because then you can perform at your optimum.”

Kerr was born in Sydney and raised in the small town of Gunnedah, New South Wales. She says about growing up in the Australian countryside that there wasn’t any “pretentiousness and no one really cared what you were wearing. You could just be you.” “I love being in nature – growing up in Australia, the beach has always been a big part of my life and I feel very at home and happy there,” the gorgeous model told Women’s Fitness.

Talking to the magazine, Miranda also confesses that she loves to cook, especially when it comes to having a dinner party. “I love to have people over to the house and cook for them and have dinner parties. I cook anything – fish, a roast – it really depends on who’s coming and what they feel like and what my husband feels like eating,” she says.

Read Miranda Kerr’s full interview in the August 2012 issue of Women’s Fitness.

Miranda Kerr Covers Womens Health August 2012

Photos courtesy of Women’s Fitness