Models are eager to flash their beauty whenever they have their chance. Besides the endless praises they get after the worth-admiring photo sessions they are also keen to popularize the means to adopt a healthy lifestyle with the best nutritional plan as well as exercise routine. Miranda Kerr, the young model and Orlando Bloom’s sweetheart makes no exception when it comes to promoting the aesthetic as well as the health benefits of regular workout and an organic diet.

The Australian beauty joined the group of other Victoria’s Secret models in their quest for the perfect means to make an impression with their healthy life schedule as well as well-toned silhouette. Apparently, her sylph-like body might be a gift from nature, however she claims that it is mainly the result of hard work. In her exercise plans the greatest help is offered by the famous celebrity trainer Justin Gelband. The training sessions secure the best result when it comes to a defined muscles mass as well as perfect curves. Look through the main Miranda Kerr fitness and diet secrets for some inspiration.

Due to her earlier nutritionist studies, Miranda Kerr is not an average model who is assisted by a professional when organizing her diet. In fact, she is perfectly aware of the most important nutrients that should be consumed to set her metabolism on full speed as well as combat the accumulation of calories.

One of her secret weapons when it comes to healthy eating is water. Hydration plays a crucial role in our organism, therefore as the young model recommends, it is advisable to drink at least 8 glasses of water on a daily basis.

Besides pure water it is also important to include some organic and healthy juices. Be it of fruits or vegetables, it is important to skip adding any sugar and instead we should enjoy their refreshing taste.

Raw juices as she calls them provide us with the necessary vitamins that are essential for the muscles and also bones. Feel free to try out the healthy juice recipes that will tame your appetite and your food cravings.

Carbohydrates are also important in order to fuel the body with the necessary energy for the daily exercise session and other important activities. Lean proteins can be also included as these will help you to cut back on calories. Breakfast is the perfect occasion to consume foods as yogurt, egg white, muesli and most importantly fruits. Whereas for lunch it is highly recommended to increase the vegetable, chicken as well as salads intake. Miranda is also a fan of the Blood Type diet that also allows her to eat her favorite dishes.

When it comes to exercise programs she is helped by Justin Gelband who managed to create a plan that can be easily embedded into the busy schedule of models. In order to grant them with the curvaceous and worth-admiring silhouette he encourages both the outdoors and indoors training session.

Miranda is engaged into a plan that devotes 75 minutes to various interval training exercises. After the must have stretching session she and her trainer go for jogging and they run no less than 5 km at least 2 times per week. The Cardio exercises keep their heart rate at the desired level and help them burn the extra-calories.

Gym sessions also enter the plan in the form of weight training as well as toning exercises. These include the resistor balls, boxing, as well as extensions. These all tone the muscles of the legs, arms as well as abs in order to look stunning and healthy.

30 minutes in each section and a soothing 15 minutes for stretching and breathing to get back into the groove of weekdays. The various calf raises and extensions offer you the chance to emphasize and train the muscles that might not get enough attention during your daily schedule.

Besides strength training Miranda also pays special attention not only to her body, but also t oher mind. Therefore, she also became one of the great practitioners of Yoga and Pilates. As it is well-known, these exercises help us relax and release the stress from the muscles. Moreover, combined with the proper breathing techniques, these workouts also set our metabolism as well as body functions in the move and keep these active and efficient.