Megan Fox’s diet has been a central point of interest for everyone lately, as the star seems to look amazing after only bringing her child into the world in September last year. Although the actress has declared that she did not spent time at the gym at all after giving birth, her body now looks incredible. It seems like the secret lays in the fact that Megan has given up dairy products all together. As a result, she looks almost as skinny as she did before getting pregnant.

The 26 year old mommy declared that even though she had only gained 23 pounds while being pregnant, she was still surprised she was back into shape so soon after giving birth to her son, Noah. It looks like even though Megan wanted to work out after giving birth, she found this very difficult to do and gave up quickly. In addition, the actress also stated that she does not recommend working out after giving birth, as this is too tough. The Megan Fox weight loss secrets are represented only by her refusal of eating dairy. Although she is aware of the fact that this is not good for her overall health and despite the fact that she admits her hormones are going crazy because of this, she says she will continue to do it until she will lose another ten pounds. Nevertheless, at the same time the actress said she will not kill herself over this, as she does not consider it a propriety for the moment.

Megan Foxs Diet Plan Megan Foxs Diet Plan

Although the Megan Fox post-pregnancy diet does not exist, it looks like Megan followed an on-pregnancy diet. The famous personal trainer of the actress named Harley Pasternak declared that he helped Megan work out during the entire time she was pregnant. Nonetheless, the workout chosen by the two was not dangerous at all for the kid. Megan ate well throughout the entire pregnancy period and understood completely what it meant to work out not only for her, but also for her baby.

Apparently, the workout program was never the same either, as the exercises were modified from one trimester of pregnancy to another, according to what the mommy-to-be was able to do then. Megan Fox has declared herself that she is very lazy when it comes to working out and going to the gym, she somehow found the energy to work out while she was pregnant, reason for which she does not have to do this anymore now. It looks like her personal trainer came over to her house three times a week in order to convince her to do the exercises they agreed on. Megan is surely grateful now that her trainer managed to convince her to work out, as she looks incredibly sexy. On the other hand, genetics really helped her a lot too, as she has never gained extra pounds in her life. Nevertheless, if you just recently gave birth to a baby and want to lose weight in the same way Megan did, follow her advice, and you will be good to go.

Megan Foxs Diet Plan Megan Foxs Diet Plan

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