Apparently, the way to a great looking body is through healthy dieting and exercising, as celebrities prove it every time they step on stage. According to Lady Gaga‘s trainer a 5 step meal plan is all it takes to get into shape.

With a PhD in exercise physiology, Harley Pasternak has managed to demonstrate his abilities by working with numerous celebs. Harley is not only Lady Gaga’s trainer, but also the trainer of numerous hot celebrities including Halle Berry, Katy Perry, Jennifer Hudson, even Twilight cast members, Ashley Greene and Robert Pattinson, so he’s definitely got something to share. Healthy meal plans and exercises are the best combo to help shed those extra pounds and Harley has it down to a 5 meals a day plan that will change your take on dieting. Now dieting couldn’t be over as here is the plan he’s got for us:

1. Eat 5 meals a day Eating 5 meals a day will never cause you to get hungry plus this way you have more control over how much you eat. This way your metabolism keeps running, ensuring you lose weight without feeling hungry.

2. Each meal takes 5 minutes to prepare Spending hours in the kitchen is a torment for most women, but Harley’s offering you the easy way out by giving you recipes which only take 5 minutes to prepare. These recipes are delicious and will help you get the right nutrients and the right amount of calories to ensure you lose weight without starving yourself.

3. Each meal must contain 5 ingredients Every meal you eat should be made out of protein, fiber, healthy carbs, a healthy fat and a sugar free-beverage so you get all the nutrients you need to stay healthy. As for snacks, Harley has created the 5 Factor snack bars which ensure you get a delicious treat without the calories and unhealthy sugars regular snack bars have.

4. Exercise 25 minutes a day Exercising is a must if you wish to stay fit and healthy and there are a variety of effective exercises you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home if you’re not a gym enthusiast. Harley Pasternak says “short, intense workouts get results.” In his book, Harley offers everything you need to know with regards to his program and shares the same advice celebs pay big money for to get them privately.

5. Get 1 day a week off Have a guilt-free day to eat the foods you enjoy most so you won’t have to suffer because you’ve given-up your favorite treats to diet.

Lady Gaga does the 25 minute routine with Harley, combining strength and cardio and she looks great. Yoga is also a favorite for Gaga, so no wonder she looks strong, lean and healthy. Find out more about Harley Pasternak’s 5 Factor program in his book.

Lady Gaga

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