All brides-to-be want to look sensational on their wedding day and reality star Kim Kardashian is definitely one pretentious future bride as she wants everything to be perfect including her body. Apparently, Kim Kardashian isn’t too happy with her curvaceous body and she wants to slim down 2 dress sizes for the big day.

Kim Kardashian’s pre-wedding weight loss plan is supported by celebrity fitness trainers, Tracy Anderson and Gunnar Pererson, who have worked with many Hollywood celebrities from Madonna to Gwyneth Paltrow, and with only one month to go until Kim’s August nuptials, Tracy and Gunnar have created an intense workout routine.

Kim Kardashian

Tracy Anderson told Life&Style magazine that Kim is focusing on a total body workout, sometimes with two training sessions a day. She wants to drop two sizes, but she doesn’t really want her curves to go away: “We don’t want to take away Kim’s amazing curves, so we just do specific movements to tighten the skin and to pull the muscles tight against the bone”.

Every woman gives herself a bit of a push as far as dieting and exercising go before the big day, as the wedding day is one event to be cherished forever, and every bride wants to look and feel amazing while walking down the aisle. Kim turns to Gunnar for help after her training sessions with Tracy, where she breaks a sweat with curls and lunges two or three times a week. As if this weren’t enough, Kim heads to Barry’s Bootcamp as well, alternating her celebrity trainer sessions there by doing an hour long of high-intensity interval training.

This reality TV diva definitely has some ambition as she wants to fit into a gorgeous size two wedding gown, designed by Vera Wang. At 125 pounds and dropping, Kim Kardashian has the support of her friends including supermodel Heidi Klum, which accompanied Kim on a 4 mile long run through NYC recently. Heidi tells Life&Style that: “We took a walking break and Kim was the one who pushed us to start running again. I don’t think she needs to do much, but I think every girl gives a little extra before walking down the aisle.”

With so little time to go, Kim is definitely pushing herself and we can’t wait to see the result. Hopefully Kim won’t loose her famous butt, which sparked plenty of rumors that it wasn’t real, rumors which lead to Kim showing an X-ray of her booty to prove everyone she’s the real deal!

X Ray of Kim Kardashians Butt Kim Kardashian Weight Loss Plan

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