Kim Kardashian’s post baby weight loss plan was on their fans’ minds ever since she’s grown more confident and started being in the limelight again. After “hiding” for three months, the she showed off her new physique and immediately began receiving inquiries about how she’s managed to do it.

A few weeks ago, she unveiled she is following the Atkins diet plan, adding that she actually loves it. Anyone who has ever tried to research popular diet plans, has surely got a vague idea what the plan is all about – a low carb diet plan, but the information alone isn’t enough to really understand how exactly Kim Kardashian lost already 43 of the 50 pounds she gained during pregnancy.Back when she was pregnant, she was craving carbohydrates and plain bread all the time, so this diet seemed like the perfect one to reverse the process and shed all those unwanted pounds. 

Kim Kardashian Pregnancy BodyKim Kardashian Baby Body

But what exactly has she eaten? An Atkins rep revealed that : “She is eating lots of lean proteins, healthy fats like nuts and avocado, carbs, fruits, veggies and cheese. She wanted to be a healthy, nursing mom and not toxify her milk with her diet or lose weight too quickly. She’s been doing Atkins since her doctor approved it at the end of June.”

Kim Kardashian Post Baby Body

Diet-wise, the biggest progress came when she cut carbs completely, according to US Weekly. A sacrifice for sure, but one for which the reality star was prepared for. But diet alone couldn’t have produced these rather impressive results without an adequate workout plan. So, what was Kim Kardashian’s workout plan? In order to get her sexy figure back, she enlisted the help of celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson and she’s currently enrolled in Barry’s Bootcamp, a 60 minute program that combines strength training and cardio and is said to burn 1000 calories per session and Pilates Plus, to help her sculpt that famous derriere.

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Feeling like herself again and being sexy for her fiance Kanye West were the main things that helped her stay motivated throughout the process. “You want your guy to think you’re really hot,” she said a while back. Well, it certainly worked out well for her and her gorgeous new engagement ring is the best proof.

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