Several media sources reveal that the princess-to-be, Kate Middleton is super-stressed about the big day. Indeed, looking glamorous and overwhelming is a must in case of celebrities. The Royal Wedding keeps the world on its toes, more and more fans are keen to find out the tiniest details about the apparel of the royalties.

It seems, however, that the curvy future bride decided to include a brief weight loss project into the wedding preparations. Under the huge pressure, it’s no wonder that she managed to loose some precious pounds and flaunt her new slender silhouette. The audience will also have the chance to find out secrets behind Kate Middleton’s slim figure as presented below.

The young style icon had no less than 4 months to get in top shape. In the past, she prided herself with size 10 or 12 now she is a size 6. The result of her slimming program is extremely visible and dramatic.

As the beloved celeb news site, reveals, Kate told people that she follows a wedding diet. We can also find out that the mother of the bride, Carole promotes the efficiency of the Dukan diet. In spite of the fact that some experts doubt about the fact that Kate embraced the same eating plan, the result is still stunning.

Furthermore, it is also well-known for the fans that the young celeb adopted a well-balanced diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables together with cereals she has for breakfast. Some might name stress as the main culprit for her radical weight loss, others still stick to the fact that she managed to get rid of the extra pounds with her balanced diet and some exercise.

Back in the college years, Kate played netball, hockey and also tennis. Now, as the same magazine claims, she is often spotted doing her workout program at a local gym.

Moreover, paparazzi also spotted the royal couple taking long walks in the mountains and at the beach. Whether the slimming process was conscious or it can be attributed to the pressure exercised on the bride-to-be, the pictures reveal her obvious weight loss.

Image courtesy of Getty Images