‘Footloose’ star Julianne Hough shows her amazing toned body on the cover of Self Magazine November 2011! In the magazine, she opens up about her fitness and lifestyle. The 23 year old actress loves to work out, but don’t think of her as another gym addict, as Julianne loves to take a different approach as far as her fitness routine goes.

Julianne loves to have a fun workout, so she tries to maintain her physique in great shape by turning towards outdoor exercises that fill her up with energy. There are a myriad of exercises that can help you stay fit, all you need to do is find the ones that you enjoy most doing.

Julianne Hough Bikini Pictures for SELF 2011

The diva explains that she tries to incorporate thrill-seeking activities into her fitness regimen, and it seems that whatever she is doing is working, as Julianna looks amazing. She reveals to Self that:

“I grew up mountain biking in Utah, and I’ve been doing it more recently since working in Miami. I crave danger. I find going fast exhilarating! I adore snowboarding, skiing, and skydiving. I vary my workouts every day because, otherwise, I get bored.”

There is no easy way to looking fantastic and Julianne knows that, so she is always trying to find exercises that keep her interest high and that can give one the great feeling only a good workout can give. Julienne states that she tries to work out six days a week, but four days is also good. She told Self that: “I always try to run for 20 to 40 minutes on the beach first, six days a week is fantastic, but four is great too …”

Julianne Hough Diet Secrets SELF 2011

As far as her favorite workout before a bikini shoot, apparently it is the plank, as Julianne reveals. She says: “My go-to prebikini flat-ab move is the plank, all different types.”

Her love for dancing runs in the family as Julianne herself was a dancer as her Dancing With the Stars brother, pro dancer Derek Hough, so no wonder the diva has got the moves of a pro. Julianne stated that there is something about dancing that makes her feel free. “There is something so rewarding about dancing. It’s almost spiritual—you let loose, you feel free, you get endorphins from the exercise. Acting is like free therapy! Trying to make people laugh or cry can be inspiring. Dancing and acting satisfy me in different ways.”

The actress says “I feel sexy when I’m taking care of myself and not depriving myself”, so take her advice into consideration and turn towards healthy exercises to keep your body in great shape. Find out more about Julianne’s lifestyle and exercise regimen in the November 2011 issue of Self.

Julianne Hough SELF Cover November 2011

Photos courtesy of Self Magazine