American singer Jessica Simpson is well known for her talent, beauty and gorgeous body. Jessica's body began to receive a lot of media attention as she started to gain a substantial amount of weight. Find out how Jessica got her body back.

Jessica Simpson, a well known American singer and actress was one of the most appreciated and admired Hollywood celebrities for her beautiful body and sexy legs.
Jessica was always one of the most admired singers in the Hollywood business because of her gorgeous body, great fashion sense, beautiful facial features and voice.

She made a sensation when she appeared as Daisy Duke in the movie remake “Dukes of Hazzard”, because of her gorgeous look. She appeared slim and very well toned, with gorgeous sculpted legs which made her stand out. She received a lot of media attention for her gorgeous figure, and there was no question why.

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At the beginning of this year Jessica gained a few pounds and her weight gain got a lot of media attention, especially after she was photographed wearing a pair of high waist jeans which were not very flattering. People began saying she was fat and as every person it started to be uncomfortable for her.

Appearance is very important in the entertainment business, this is why celebrities always try to look their best. They rely on their looks to be in the media attention.

Jessica decided to lose the weight she gained with the help of celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak and 5 Factor Diet Plan. Supposedly this helped her lose 20 lbs in just one month.

This diet consists in 5 small meals a day for six days. There is one day a week when you can eat anything else. The meals must consist of foods rich in fiber, foods with a low glycemic index, low fat proteins, healthy carbs and fats and a sugar free drink.

The diet plan isn't just about healthy eating it's about physical exercising as well. The exercise program consists of strength and cardio exercises combined for 25 minutes of training 5 times a week.

The diet doesn't seem to be a hard to keep diet if you are a conscientious person. It seems like a good and healthy diet which apparently works.

So, if you are looking to lose weight but keep your sexy curves, you can try Jessica Simpson's weight loss program.
If it will work for you as well as it does for Jessica, you will look stunning.