Some celebrities age beautifully and look even better more mature, and one of these celebs is Jennifer Aniston. After a decade and a half from her debut in the hit television movie series “Friends”, Jennifer Aniston still looks amazing. However, this is not just all due to good genes, Jennifer Aniston’s fab body secret is actually based on a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Celebrities have to maintain a certain image, thus they invest in their body by turning towards the best nutritionists and personal trainers. This combo, a healthy-diet in addition to a regular exercising routine can do wonders as Jennifer Aniston’s body proves. Everyone envies and wonders how Jennifer manages to look as fabulous as her age, 42, which has lead to a variety of speculations concerning her diet, from starvation to eating baby food. These speculations have been denied and when asked about this, at one point Jen said the last time she had baby food was when she was 1, and that she’s been on solid food ever since.

In an interview for Life&Style magazine, Jennifer Aniston’s nutritionist Carrie Wiatt, reveals how Jen manages to look as gorgeous as she does today. Wiatt said she has created portion-controlled meals which are full of nutrients and which are delivered directly to her house. This was the diet plan that got Jennifer to lose weight right before she managed to snatch the role as Rachel in “Friends”. Wiatt said:

“For Jennifer, the key was high protein and low carbs, with plenty of vegetables and fruit and no processed foods,”

Jennifer now sticks to a well balanced menu, but she says that she does not go to extremes. She does not starve herself and if she is craving something she does satisfy her cravings. Jen says “I eat really well and work out, but I also indulge when I want to,”

It seems that Jennifer has become much more aware about what she’s eating since she has turned to the food delivery service which controls the portions and offers her nutrient-dense meals. In addition to this, Jennifer also credits yoga for her fab body. Yoga is quite popular especially among celebrities as it strengthens the body while relaxing the mind. We bet that her good genes also have a role in her fabulous physical appearance and we just hope Jen manages to age beautifully as she did until now, seen that she is just blooming with time.

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Source Life&Style Magazine Photo courtesy of Getty Images