The world of sport, entertainment, politics and even literature is no exception of veggie lover celebrities. Indeed some of them lived all their lives ‘meatless’, some started to ‘eat less meat’ recently.

According to the level of their dedication we can distinguish the brief top of famous celebrity vegetarians who constantly echo how changing their nutritional habits changed their life.

Leona Lewis In 2008 together with co-artist Anthony Kiedis, the young singer was named the Sexiest Vegetarian of the year.

According to the statistics made by the activist group PETA, she proved to be their most loyal member. Leona claims that she quit eating meat at the age of 12. The moment she realized the cruelty of killing animals, she decided to be reluctant to eat meat and wear shoes, clothes and other accessories made of natural leather or fur. At the age of only 23 she already became a real idol for vegetarians all over the world. She constantly claims her love and devotion for those who spare animals from cruelty.

Leona Lewis VegetarianAlyssa Milano Vegetarian

Alyssa Milano The admired actress is one of the PETA veterans. Claiming her love for animals enchanted most vegans, often posing as a self-proclaimed activist. Indeed the actress not only says but also does.

In one of the advertising spots she encourages people to “Let Vegetarianism Grow on You”. Covered with all kinds of tasty green leaves, she claims that eliminating meat from our meals can reduce the suffering in the whole world. Thanks to her, more and more people seem to understand what vegetarianism is all about.

Hayden Panettiere Though she didn’t manage to defeat Leona, she was still one of the favorite vegetarians in teh public eye. Hayden and her ex, Milo, were praised by PETA for their meatless lifestyle.

Indeed the Heroes star claims that being a vegan for her means ONLY to not eat animal flesh. However lately she was criticized of signing a contract with the brand Dooney and Bourke. A company that will design the Hayden clutch, made of nothing else than calfskin and leather. Looking forward to see her attempts to make up for the vegetarian fans.

Hayden Panettiere VegetarianChristian Bale Vegetarian

Christian Bale Who could have thought that Batman could look so sexy without eating any meat. Indeed the actor turned to a vegan life at a fragile age.

Being only 7 and growing up in a vegetarian family helped him in quitting eating animal stuff. Bale claimed that he experienced some real cravings for blood as he said. Hopefully he can tame these urges and follow his lifelong healthy vegetarian diet.

Anthony Kiedis The Red Hot Chili Peppers lead-singer was righteously voted the Sexiest Male Vegetarian Alive in 2008. The fans made their tribute to the respected entertainer by encouraging his recent conversion to the vegetarian lifestyle. Kiedis admits that his ambitions originated in a documentary he saw about the animal cruelty, about how cows are treated on factory farms, as well as the doctor highly recommended a similar nutritional plan for his son.

Kudos for Anthony who also hired a vegan chef to prepare the proper meals. The rock star decided to quit his drug escapades to a healthy meal plan that is healthier and praiseworthy.

Anthony Kiedis VegetarianChristina Applegate Vegetarian

Christina Applegate Christina Applegate as a convinced vegetarian started her meatless life after reading more about fur, the process it goes through till people start wearing it. Several happenings encouraged her to keep on and become and adept of PETA activism. As a loyal representative of vegetarianism, Christina even came up with several recipes to make her lifestyle more attractive to the public.

Milo Ventimiglia When it comes of sexy vegetarian guys, we can’t leave out Milo Ventimiglia. He earned the third position in 2007, and became one of the best known vegetarians from Hollywood. Earning huge respect by being a vegan all his life, Milo claimed that he decided to eat meatless right in the belly of his mother.

Trying out some tempting stuff in his childhood led to unfortunate results, that could not convert him to turn to eating meat. His devotion to this cause was further encouraged by his ambitions to look good and healthy on screen.