Elle Macpherson looks totally glowing on the cover of Fitness magazine May 2012. In the accompanying interview, the 48-year-old model and successful businesswoman shares her secrets to staying fit and maintain such an enviable silhouette.

Elle Macpherson is a single mom of two boys aged 14 and 9 and a super-busy businesswoman. 'The Body' is the creative director of two successful companies, Elle Macpherson Intimates lingerie and Elle Macpherson The Body, her line of bath products. Moreover, she's the cocreator, executive producer, and host of Fashion Star, the new NBC designer reality-TV show that stars Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie, and designer John Varvatos.

What's even more impressive is the fact that at age 48, Elle looks amazing. But, what are her secrets for staying fit? She shares them in the May 2012 issue of Fitness magazine.

"I do an hour of some kind of physical activity every day," Elle says. "I mix it up. If I'm in the mountains, I ski. If I'm near water, I swim. I might do a yoga or Spinning class. I also take my running shoes and iPod with me wherever I go. Running is not only a really effective way to stay fit, but it's also a sort of moving meditation."

The stunning Aussie model also confesses that it is extremely important to embrace your age. "I'm almost 50, so I obviously don't have the same body I had when I was 20," Elle says. "But I also don't have the same mind-set: Then I was wracked with self-consciousness and insecurity. Now I appreciate my maturity, my depth of spirit and soul, and my understanding of who I am and what's important to me."

Elle Macpherson Elle Macpherson

However, when she doesn't feel like working out, Macpherson has a few tricks to solve the problem. "I ask myself, Will I feel better or worse after doing a sport? I can't ever remember doing something physical and feeling worse," Elle says in Fitness magazine's 20th anniversary issue.

Even though Elle became famous for her enviable silhouette that got her the nickname "the body", the model believes that we should worry about how we feel, not how we look. "My motivation is feeling joyful, inspired, passionate, patient, strong, and healthy," Elle says. "That's more important to me than hitting X number of pounds on the scale, and it's what drives what I eat and how I work out."

Still, the main secret that stands behind such a good-looking body seems to be the fact that Elle is doing what she's passionate about both when it comes to her hobbies and her career.

"I want to be healthy and happy, love what I do, do what I love," Elle Macpherson explains in the interview with the magazine. "I'm passionate about lingerie and Fashion Star, and I'm passionate about my sports - skiing, surfing, biking. I don't see a sport as something I have to do to be thin, the same way I don't see my business as something I have to do to make money."

Photos courtesy of Fitness Magazine