Most celebrities don’t take any risks with crash diets, but they do need to find a long term solution to staying slim and fit. With the help of a few excellent diet secrets of the stars, you can also make a few important changes in your diet to lose the extra pounds.

From Victoria Beckham and Megan Fox to Meryl Streep and Sharon Stone, discover the diet secrets that help celebrities keep their weight under control in order to slip into the most fabulous red carpet dresses.

Victoria Beckham

After struggling with an eating disorder during her Spice Girls days, Victoria Beckham seems to have found the perfect diet to stay slim and healthy. The fashion designer and entrepreneur sticks to an alkaline diet, which mostly lacks acidic foods, including processed foods. 

She even recommended Natasha Corrett’s Alkaline cookbook “Honestly Healthy” on Twitter.


Keeping in shape thanks to a lot of dancing, Rihanna also has strict dietary preferences. The singer sticks to a low-carb diet, with plenty of fruit and vegetables. When it comes to diet secrets of Rihanna, her approach isn’t that unusual, but the singer claims that she has more success in losing weight when she focuses on staying healthy.

Celebrity Diet Tricks

Jennifer Lopez

A fan of “The Fast Metabolism Diet”, a weight loss approach created by nutritionist Haylie Pornroy, Jennifer Lopez gets to eat what she wants, as long as she keeps things moving. The diet promotes a rotation of food groups, in which you eat more carbs in some days, and more protein in others. J-Lo also benefits from a personalized plan since she’s worked personally with the author of the diet.

Heidi Klum

German supermodel Heidi Klum loves to eat fresh vegetables, and they’ve even replaced some fruit in her diet. According to US magazine, Kohlrabi is the most important diet secret for Heidi Klum. This German variety of cabbage is sweeter than broccoli, so it delivers as a healthy and delicious snack.

Megan Fox

While diet plays a big part in how celebrities stay slim, exercise is just as important. Megan Fox developed an exercise routine she could stick to during her pregnancy, so her 23 pound weight gain quickly faded away after giving birth. Even though she couldn’t exercise too much in the first weeks, having her body already prepared for a good workout helped with losing the pregnancy weight.

Carrie Underwood

American Idol winner Carrie Underwood claims breakfast is one of the most important diet secrets of the stars. She starts the day with a protein bar, but also avoids calories that come from alcohol, sugary drinks and refined carbs. After switching to whole grains and making other minor adjustments to her diet, Underwood managed to from from a size 6 to a 2.

Diet Tricks From Celebrities

Jennifer Garner

“I got rid of bagels and croissants. No more waffles. Salads with protein became a part of my life again. I knew I was gonna still have a little chocolate every single day. The point is, you can’t go overboard. I know I’ll just gain more back. Plus you don’t want to be this exhausted mother all the time who doesn’t eat,” Jennifer Garner explained her weight loss after giving birth in “The Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets” by Kym Douglas and Cindy Pearlman.

Alicia Silverstone

Being a vegan might just be one of the best diet secrets of the stars. The actress also credits kale and Swiss chard as important factors in her flawless complexion. Going for a diet rich in whole grains and plant-based foods in the key to losing weight, according to Silverstone.

Meryl Streep

For some women, restricting alcoholic beverages might be the only diet secret they need. Meryl Streep lost weight for her role in “The Devil Wears Prada” doing just that. “Push that wine bottle away after the first glass. That’s what I did for ‘Prada,’” she told Marie Claire magazine.

Sharon Stone

Prunes could also be one of the most efficient diet secrets of the stars. Sharon Stone uses dried plums as healthy snacks, benefiting both from their high content of antioxidants and their light laxative effects linked to fiber.

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