Declared the sexiest woman in the world two times in a row, Cheryl Cole has a worth admiring silhouette that is certainly desired by many women. Tabloids all over the world have tried to uncover the secret behind the diva ‘s amazing body at numerous points in time tracking her every move in an attempt to uncover the things that help her get a silhouette many women only dream of.

Over the years the beautiful diva has tried various diet plans and workout regimes with different degrees of efficiency and success. Her most recent diet plan, the blood type which is also endorsed by the Australian model Miranda Kerr has a quite distinct approach as it is based on an interesting theory.

According to those who created the blood type diet plan, our blood type can be a reliable indicator that can help us figure out how well certain nutrients are absorbed by our body. In other words, depending on your blood type your body might be able to digest certain nutrients more easily compared to others, helping you feel more energized and lose excess weight easier. It seems that different blood types are a result of different evolution styles and might have different nutritional needs.

The O Blood Type Diet Is considered to be the oldest one, dating from the time when our ancestors used to gather and hunt to survive. As a result those who have this blood type and want to lose weight should create a diet that is high protein and low in carbohydrates.

So while fish and meat consumption is encouraged cutting back on grains and grains, pasta, rice and dairy is recommended. At the same time, seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetable should be consumed in moderation to get the desired results. Since back in the days our ancestors were very fit due to the great amount of physical effort that was needed to support their lifestyle, those who have this blood type should focus on high intensity cardio exercise to complete their dietary regime.

The A Blood Type Diet Seems to encourage a vegetarian diet as it seems that this blood type dates back in the times were ancestors discovered farming and have decreased their meat consumption as they started eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. However an important similarity when compared to the O blood type is that dairy consumption is still not being encouraged. This type of diet is a low fat diet and as a result will encourage weight loss if it is being followed properly. Aside from being encouraged to include as many fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes those who have this blood type are also encouraged to seek gentle physical activity on a daily basis such as yoga, golf or Tai Chi.

The B Blood Type Diet Those who have this blood type can consider themselves really lucky as they are the ones that have to face the least dietary restrictions. For those who belong to this group are free to eat foods from every food group in moderation.

Maintaining a varied diet and avoiding processed foods seem to be the only requirements for weight loss in this group. As far as the workout plan recommended moderate activities such as dance, hiking, swimming or team sports a few times a week are a good choice.

The AB Blood Type Diet As expected this blood type group combines some of the recommendations from the A and B blood type groups. Therefore those with this blood type should follow mostly vegetarian diet including meats, fairy or fatty foods only occasionally. Combining relaxing workouts with high intensity ones is the best fitness approach for this blood type.

Although we are unsure if Cheryl really follows the fitness recommendations of her blood type to the letter of the low we can be quite sure that her energy intensive dance routines as well as her fancy, expensive workout gear( last year she spend an astounding £36,000/$57,000 on an exercise bike) definitely contribute her slim figure.

Imitating Cheryl Cole’s workout regime might be quite challenging for the average individual, finding an exercise plan that suits our needs and using it regularly will definitely pay off getting you closer to your fitness and weight loss goals.

Cheryl Coles Diet and WorkoutCheryl Cole on stage

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