Weight gain is a problem which affects most people and celebrities are no strangers to “those extra pounds” that make you become self-conscious and can even trigger health problems, so no wonder people are looking-up some fast and effective methods to get back in shape. If you’re looking for some effective weight loss programs, take a peek at the following celebrity weight loss secrets and draw inspiration to push yourself into adopting a healthier lifestyle to shed those pounds.

Feeling good in your own skin can definitely do wonders for your self-esteem, so if those extra pounds make you feel uncomfortable, turn towards healthy dieting and exercises, as this combo can definitely blast the pounds away for good. Crash diets are a no-no as they only give short term results, so follow these celebrity weight loss tips and take things gradually for healthy and long term weight loss results.

Celebrity Weight Loss Tips Celebrity Weight Loss Tips

Kelly Osbourne

Apparently, living in the spotlight isn’t all that glamorous as Kelly Osbourne proves as she is one celebrity who struggled with her weight and was blasted for it all over the newspapers, being called fat. However, Kelly decided to get passed these mean comments and take action to get in shape and get healthy again. She replaced binging with eating normal size meals, healthy meals and stopped eating when she felt full. Also Kelly quit drinking soda and started to exercise. The routines from “Dancing With the Stars” helped her melt the pounds and now she keeps them off with the help of a personal trainer.

Celebrity Weight Loss Tips Celebrity Weight Loss Tips

Jennifer Hudson

Singer and Oscar winning actress Jennifer Hudson began her career with a full figure as a size 16 woman, but recently Jennifer dropped to an amazing size 6 after joining Weight Watchers and becoming a spokesperson for the company. Counting calories and exercising helped Jennifer drop extra 50 pounds and she looks radiant. Jennifer confessed to Oprah that her weight loss has helped her feel like she got 10 years of her life back.

Celebrity Weight Loss Tips Celebrity Weight Loss Tips

Jordin Sparks

Singer Jordin Sparks wowed the world with her lovely voice at “American Idol” season 6, and although she was a curvy celebrity, Jordin was very comfortable in her own skin. However, you cannot rule out that a few pounds less can make a girl feel much better in her own skin, and for that reason, Jordin decided to drop a few pounds. Her new bikini body makes her radiate, but dropping those extra pounds wasn’t exactly a walk in the park, more like a mountain to climb, according to Jordin. She told Shape that she took things slowly, by walking the path around her house and eventually ended-up climbing up the mountain near her home. Jordin also started working with a personal trainer, turned towards Zumba and healthier eating habits.

Celebrity Weight Loss Tips Celebrity Weight Loss Tips

Kirstie Alley

Actress Kirstie Alley has been struggling with weight gain for years now and she has been up and down, loosing and gaining weight back, but it seems that Kirstie has gotten back on track as after her “Dancing With The Stars” debut she’s looking great. Rigorous dancing routines helped Kirstie become half the dress size she was when she began, so dancing proves to be a very effective and fun way to lose weight.

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