Celebrities are eager to furnish us with the professional tricks on how to lose weight after pregnancy. Find out the best exercise tricks and tips as well as the best celebrity diets that would help you achieve the same spectacular results as these stars did. From the uber-successful models to actresses and singers all share the same worries when it comes of getting back their worth-admiring figure.

Therefore if you would like to ease your weight loss and recovery to the old time parameters make sure you take a glimpse at the following celebrity post baby bodies presented below. Follow their example if you wish to get rid of the bulky pounds in the quickest and most efficient manner. Embed the various tips into your daily routine and stay healthy by keeping an eye on the spotless condition also of you organism.

Exercise up until the birth of her first baby as well as Yoga which kept her skin and overall body in their best shape. Exercise was indeed her secret to get back her initial and supermodel silhouette. Keeping a well-balanced diet was also one of the most efficient methods to control the calorie intake and refuse to munch and consume all the sugary and salty foods that might have enhanced the quick and irreversible weight gain process. Gisele is proud of putting on no more than 30 pounds during her pregnancy. <br /><br /> Jessica Alba decided to leave the hard work after the birth of Honor Marie. Indeed her celeb trainer Ramona Braganze helped her get rid of the extra pounds and lose no less than 25 pounds with the help of a well-defined exercise plan that covered the whole week as well as a more sever nutrition plan that restricted the intake of calories to 1700. The young actress succeeded in losing her baby bulge in a few months which is indeed a worth admiring achievement.<br /> It seems that the young singer turned now actress managed to get rid of her baby weight thanks to breast-feeding.Christina Aguilera claims that this ritual can really exhaust you and with it would also help you lose those stubborn pounds inherited from the pregnancy period. Moreover she is indeed proud of her brand new decolletage that is also the trademark of her post pregnancy body.<br /> The fresh mommy actress looked hot a few months after giving birth to her daughter. Indeed the secret to achieve this fabulous performance is a server workout plan that included a 60 minute exercise routine made up of various Cardio as well as strength training methods. Water was also one of the secret ingredients she succeeded to lose weight with as well as the nutritive vegetables and fruits she consumed during this harsh period of getting rid of the extra-pounds. <br /><br /> Nicole Richie is claimed to appeal to the help of a professional trainer in order to get rid of the baby bulge. During her pregnancy she asked for the assistance of this trainer both to adopt a healthy diet as well as practice the various workout that would keep her silhouette in the best shape as well as wouldn't harm the baby. Indeed she might not have needed that harsh treatment also after giving birth to her baby as she was pretty slim before that too.<br /> Contrary to all beliefs the Victoria's Secret model had to work hard to lose the baby bulge and get back to work with her goddess silhouette. Her exercise program included various Cardio workouts from walking to climbing as well as fitness using various weights. Indeed the adopting of a diet was also a must as she had to complete the workout routine with a balanced nutritional plan. She decided to skip the consumption of bread and sugar in order to quicken the whole weight loss process.<br />