Celebs enjoy the support and assistance of a large team of nutritionist as well as pro trainers who manage to grant them with the most efficient tricks and tips to achieve the best health condition in a short time. Some might think of adopting a celebrity diet or a well-defined exercise plan, however often the small rituals and practices might have a more visible result and impact on our lifestyle. These cover the domain of food, beauty as well as other important daily activities. In order to learn how to change your lifestyle and become a real example both due to your spotless physical and health condition make sure you read through the following celebrity health secrets. Devote a few minutes to these recommendations for the desired effect. This brief overview gathered the most essential and easy-to-adopt wellness rituals of our celeb idols.

Perfect Sleeping Conditions

Sleeping can have a tremendous impact on our health state therefore it is important to consider both the quality and quantity of this ritual. Indeed some might be pleased with a few hours of sleep which can indeed result in fatigue and other health problems.

Instead make sure you dedicate at least 8 hours per day for this activity. However besides the period it is also crucial to establish the perfect sleeping conditions. Leaving the TV or the light on as well as the more tinier light sources as computer screen and other gadgets would be the greatest mistake to do.

According to professionals our sensory system might not be able to make a difference between artificial and natural light. Therefore your brain is tricked and thinks that you see the sunlight which would ruin the proper and relaxing atmosphere of a proper slumber.

On a long term this can lead to tiredness and exhaustion. One of the golden rules of Feng Shui is to eliminate all electric devices and gadgets from the bedroom.

Mini Meals

It is not a novelty that professionals work on methods that would increase the proper digestion. This can be undoubtedly done through mini meals. Tho struggle with bloating as well as indigestion might consume large portions of foods 2-3 times per day. In fact the secret to success as celebs like Katherine Heigl and Eva Longoria claim is to constantly furnish your organism with the right nutrients in order to avoid overeating. The rare meals would ruin the efficiency of your metabolism and could slow down digestion. Choose healthy dishes and smaller portions at least 5-6 times per day. Munching and sugar cravings are some of the unpleasant results of an inappropriate eating routine.

Green Tea

Green tea can do miracles with our body and mind in general. Indeed those who start the day with a glass of this healthy drink will have the chance to boost their energy and complete the daily activities without feeling exhausted at the end of the day. The infinite antioxidants and vitamins found in green tea would eliminate the free agents from your organism and can set the metabolism on the right track. The results will be visible both on your silhouette as well as your mood. Moreover as Gwyneth Paltrow and Oprah Winfrey claim green tea is their favorite drink as it can also tame their appetite and reduce the need for sugary foods due to its ability to control the insulin production of the body.


Exercising is indeed important however some would instead choose the spa treatments as the perfect means to relaxation. We live in a busy world and some might not have the right amount of time to devote for a complex exercise plan.

In this case a homemade massage or spa session as a hot and soothing bath would be the perfect solution both to remove the toxins from the body as well as relax the muscles and sedate our nervous system for a good night sleep.

The various spa methods from the simple to the more complicated and professional ones as reflexology and hot stone massages all contribute to the spotless health condition, celebrities also aspire to. Draw some inspiration from the beauty and healthy rituals of celebs as Eva Mendes and Alicia Keys who are some of the greatest fans of spa session.


Professionals claim that our diet and nutrition in general should be built around the daily water intake. This factor can have a tremendous impact on our health state as the organism need constant hydration which can be best done by increasing the consumption of pure water rather than sugary beverages or alcohol. Eliminate these harmful ingredients from your daily routine and replace them with at least 2 liters of water which would guarantee the proper condition of the organism in order to eliminate the free agents and flush out the fat to prevent weight gain. This is one of the celebrity health secrets that is adopted by Jennifer Aniston as well as Demi Moore who consume water in order to boost the success of their diet.