Being a celebrity is not an easy thing. It is difficult to always be in the center of attention, to not be able to go to a restaurant or a store and relax without being photographed, to always be criticized about how you look, how you behave. From that point of view it’s not ideal. Celebrities are public persons which rely on their image to make a living, so looking good is one of their top priorities, this is why they are always trying to eat healthy and exercise.

This constant pressure concerning the weight can leave it’s print over some people. Being thin begins to pose a major priority and the meanings or getting thin don’t matter anymore. When this happens some celebrities develop eating disorders. Eating disorders, like bulimia and anorexia are very serious psychological illnesses which can occur in both men and women. Anorexic people don’t eat anymore while bulimics eat and throw up right after. Both illnesses cause a distorted perception of weight, meaning that these people are afraid of gaining weight and they never see themselves as being too thin.

Eating disorders can lead to rapid weight loss, weight loss which can leave a person skin and bones. These disorders can lead to very serious health problems even death. There are so many women who suffered from eating disorders and didn’t want to be treated who died, it’s horrific.

Among the celebrities who admitted having eating disorders or who appear to have an eating disorder, are:

Victoria Beckham admitted of struggling with anorexia when she was still a Spice Girl. She was under a constant pressure of losing weight, pressure which pushed her to anorexia. She received treatment, and she appears to be better even though she is still thin

Geri Halliwell the former Spice Girls also knows as Ginger Spice has shocked the world when she appeared with a skinny toned physique. It is well known that some of the girls from the Spice Girls struggled with eating disorders and Geri was suspected of being one of them

victoria beckham geri halliwell

Lara Flynn Boyle the American actress has denied having an eating disorder but still, her tiny, skeleton thin figure raised questions about her eating behavior

Nicole Richie stunned the world when she appeared almost overnight with a tiny and skinny physique. Her bones structure was very visible and so people started raising questions. Nicole denied having any kind of eating disorders yet still she decided to get help because she couldn’t gain weight

lara flynn boyle nicole richie

These are only few of the celebrities who have had, still have or were suspected of having eating disorders. There are so many other celebrities who struggled with eating disorders it’s hard to believe. Find out more about how you can spot people with eating disorders to convince them they need help.