Celebrities give mass appeal to all kinds of diets, workout plans and drastic methods to lose some extra pounds. However it seems that there are moments when the magic breaks and they seem to forget about their principles. Indeed extreme dieting can lead to severe damages in our organism. Let’s see the celebrity yo-yo dieters whose example we should not follow.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Jennifer Love Hewitt is one of the celebrities who was recently criticized for her careless attitude to her look. Indeed the appealing curves and slim figure made her one of the most attractive actresses. That’s why it was surprising for the public that she admitted feeling perfectly satisfied with her new voluptuous figure.

Jennifer Love HewittJennifer Love Hewitt Thin

Upset by the paparazzi, who invaded her, she decided to shock them, by losing 20 pound in a few weeks. Reportedly Jennifer engaged into the calorie shifting diet. This nutritional plan presupposes joggling with the calories, to induce your metabolism to lose weight more easily. Undoubtedly extreme, but efficient!

Jessica Simpson Weight fluctuation happens often with stars leading a stressful life. Jessica Simpson also earned the title of yo-yo dieter when she flashed her new fine curves on her tour concert in Florida. Similarly to the earlier celebrity, she also affirms that men do to like curvaceous women more. The media almost picked her to pieces, wearing size 12 was apparently really not a forte

Jessica S Impson FatJessica Simpson Thin

Going from size 4 to 12 then back to 6 was a real achievement. However, it seems that her love life helped her come to terms with her size and decided to neglect the strict workout and diet plans.

Mischa Barton One of the most surprising yo-yo cases in the top. Indeed who could have thought that the slender, tall girl could put on some heavy pounds throughout the years. The former OC star was scrutinized lately for her curves, cellulite and careless lifestyle. Wavering between size 8 and 12, Mischa had to put up with the negative anti-fame spread by the media.

Mischa Barton FatMischa Barton Thin

The Christian Dior fashion show in Paris however left the public with popping eyes. The starlet lost all the curves and extra pounds, becoming extremely skinny and unhealthy looking. It seemed as if she experimented with a hyper-quick and drastic fat flush diet. Still we should not forget that she is also a Yoga and Pilates fan.

Lily Allen One of the most broadcast and popularized celebrity, Lily Allen seems to be a rooted yo-yo dieter. Shifting from size 8 to 12 and back, she succeeds in offering a brand new image on and on for the media. Due to her lack of inhibitions the singer seems to have no problem with losing then suddenly gaining weight.

Lily Allen FatLily Allen Thin

After breaking up with Ed Simmons form Chemical Brothers in May 2008, Lilly turned to an escapist lifestyle sporting least said ‘not really refined’ outfits, drugs as well as alcohol. A few months later the ‘bad girl gone good’ and she flashed her size 8 body with hot outfits. A spectacular result of quick diets and rumored hypnosis weight loss.