The swimwear season might last just a few months, however fantasies about laying on the beach in the hottest designs are pretty much constant all year long. This is why, despite the fact that the cold days are just beginning to come, we feel so excited to show the new Zimmermann spring 2013 collection which aims to set the trend on the matter with a variety of lust-worthy designs. Classy and fashionable, these swimwear ideas are without a doubt a fun source of inspiration for the next year.

Perhaps one of the most interesting and easy to appreciate attributes of the Australian label is the fact that sexiness is not viewed through a flash-as-much-skin-as-possible lense. Instead, the label manages to find a variety of ways to make stylish options for every desired level of exposure. If you love modern two piece styles, you’ll find a variety of trendy alternatives. If you prefer more modest styles, you can still benefit from the same fashionable allure instead of having to settle for something plain.

Prints are ideal for attracting attention and looking fab every single time and the label has plenty of options ranging from romantic florals to wild animal prints with a timeless allure. Print mixes are another interesting alternative for those looking for maximum visual impact and those who like a little eclectic allure. Still, completing the look with a fun coverup is the best way to really add interest.

Bold tones, fun cutouts or gorgeous textural touches are definitely things to look for if you want maximum impact. A boho chic hint can be very desirable and the label sure manages to tackle the vibe with sophistication and a hint of originality. Colorful and spectacular, the new designs are perfect for looking feminine and classy all summer long. Prepare to steal the spotlight with these fun ideas. Be sure to pay attention to styling your fav pieces properly for maximum impact.

Photo courtesy of Zimmermann