No need to hide between bulky cover-ups and plain bathing suits this summer. Whether you are on the quest for discreet options that will enable you to divert the attention from the parts you feel insecure about or you want to steal the spotlight effortlessly, finding the right swimsuit doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience. In fact, taking a quick glance at the Zeki 2012 swimwear collection might convince you of this simple fact. From ultra versatile options to more than revealing options that will highlight your taste for eclectic options, the alternatives are definitely noteworthy.

A multitude of one piece swimsuits seem to gain popularity once again, being a powerful reaction against tacky swimsuits which only reveal as much skin as possible and aren’t necessarily flattering. The monochrome pieces are also highly valued for their amazing ability to create the illusion of harmony and avoid sectioning the body, creating an unflattering effect in the process. Still, the sacrifices made color-wise are fabulously balanced by textural options.

Creative cutouts are one of the biggest ways in which the brand adds complexity and uniqueness to the designs. With a few asymmetric vibes and a simple perspective, visual interest is guaranteed. On the other hand, if you are looking for a little visual interest, you can definitely take advantage of other powerful elements as far as creating interest instantly goes: fringes or ruffles. On the other hand, if adding bulk is not really your thing, you can bring attention to your well defined waist through a classy belt-like detail and, if you’re feeling bold, an additional sheer touch.

Abstract prints are the main alternative endorsed for those who are looking for a simple element that will stick to the classy side and will not become overly conspicuous. Paired with gorgeous, face-framing sunglasses or fun cover-ups, the options can certainly be appealing as they can prove flattering for more than just one, restricted age group. Highlight your sexy curves with these fabulous swimwear alternatives.

Photo courtesy of Zeki