High-end Italian lingerie brand Yamamay brings a whole new meaning to the notion of feeling naturally gorgeous. With a lot of creative displays of seductive underwear that cater both to those who are those looking to emphasize their innocent allure and to those who are confident in their attractive potential. The comprehensive collection has a multitude of looks that although manage to be radically different at times manage to be equally glamorous regardless of the perspective adopted.

Dainty and innocent, carrying a very subtle retro vibe, some of the looks carry a youthful allure. Others, built on a more daring yet uber classy vibe manage to portray a woman who is completely confident in her best features and how they must be emphasized for maximum impact. Yet another type of direction is one oriented towards portraying some of the latest trends that feature interesting color choices like violet, lilac, fuchsia or teal which are a nice variation from the regular color choices that can quickly feel quite plain.

The fun color combos are not the only ones that manage to make the looks instantly appealing. The blend of textures and different pieces creates interest and provides a touch of sophistication. Luxurious touches are sensed through accents like satin, sheer lace or tulle accents. Camisoles, night dresses or pajamas make comfort and sophistication merge often with a spectacular effect as a result. Perfect fit is the main accent endorsed regardless of the allure channeled into the looks.

Though simply selecting flattering lingerie can be enough to feel extraordinary, putting the right accent can really take a look to the next level. A refined piece of jewelry or a gorgeous pair of platforms can truly make a tremendous difference as far as taking your look to the next level is concerned. Small accents can really make a tremendous difference when it comes to highlighting your best features, so don’t hesitate to put a little extra effort in the right areas.

Photo courtesy of Yamamay