We love fashion for its incredible ability to throw a new spin on regular concepts, to transport us in other eras or simply to provide a variety of options to suit different types of needs. German brand Vive Maria aims to provide all of that in the spring/summer 2012 collection which features classy ensembles with a fun vintage vibe. Demure, yet luxurious the options aren’t restricted solely to bikinis.

Seduction comes in many forms and tasteful combos with strong retro vibes are certainly among the most interesting alternatives worth exploring. Surrounded by a myriad of ancient scultures, the model has a classy and utterly mysterious allure. Despite the fact that the photoshoot lacks that ostentatious vibe that characterizes most lingerie collections, the confidence is shining through in each photo.

Body conscious styles, polka dots, small floral prints or fun stripes bring a lot of visual interest to the looks, many of which stick to the classy side in black and whit tones. The color palette is somewhat restricted with blue and red being the main options endorsed. Though the projected image is an extremely polished one, comfort is extremely important and the cotton pieces with delicate intricate details are the perfect option for ensuring maximum versatility and satisfaction.

The stylish allure of the combos is ensured not only by the classy pieces present but also by a multitude of fab elements and accessories. Retro hats, fun gloves or stylish high heeled sandals designs to elongate the legs and enhance sex appeal. Go for classiness for an astounding refined effect that will show off another side of you.

Photo courtesy of Vive Marie