The new Victoria’s Secret motto for Valentine’s day couldn’t be more appropriate for girls who love themselves. The Victoria’s Secret V-Day is Me Day collection is a perfect gift for Valentine’s to be given by your beloved one or why not (if you’re single) by yourself so you can feel sexy and comfortable during the night.

Although many women don’t pay too much attention to sleepwear, these details can make a great difference as far as comfort and confidence goes. Why not feel and look hot from when you go to sleep until the moment you wake up, regardless if anyone sees you. Because Valentine’s Day is definitely a day in which you have to look adorable and sexy, Victoria’s Secret has opened-up its treasure chest and revealed the V-Day is Me Day collection.

The sexy style PJ’s are gorgeously adorned with fabulous V-day graphics which state : I love you, Kiss This, Be My Valentine, and many other as well as adorable heart graphic designs which will definitely help set a romantic mood.

Looking absolutely adorable while in your pajamas can have a positive impact over the way your loved one looks at you as well so try not to neglect this aspect. Don’t put looking hot on pause as ‘sexy’ is a woman’s characteristic, which should not be overlooked.

Because not every woman feels comfortable wearing the same designs, Victoria’s Secret V-day is Me Day collection features different pajamas styles, which are meant to suit women with different personalities. Some women love sleepshirts while others love boxer shorts and cami’s so not everyone is the same. Because of this the collection features sleepshirts, cami’s, loose sleep pants, shorts, rompers, tees and bikinis.

No look will be complete on Valentine’s Day without a seductive fragrance so don’t hesitate to invest in a great scent which will underline your sexiness. To help you complete your look Victoria’s Secret has created a Limited Edition fragrance collection featuring Eau de Parfum, Fragrance Mist, Body Lotion and Eau de Parfum Ornament, so you can not only look hot but smell hot as well. The fragrance collection is titled Pink All My Heart, and it is a perfect match for women who love fruity-warm fragrances.

Victoria’s Secret V-day is Me Day is a perfect starter for Valentine’s Day so select the sleepwear and fragrance that suits your style best and feel sexy!

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