When trying to uncover our seductive side we cannot help but look for role models to give a touch of inspiration. And, when it comes to feeling seductive, wearing nothing but swimwear and lingerie, it’s no mystery which brand most women focus on: Victoria’s Secret. The brand is keen on providing style inspiration on a regular basis and the latest March catalog is a clear illustration of the brand’s constant effort. Adriana Lima, one of the brand’s most popular angels is the one that presents the hottest offerings of the month.

On trend swimsuits with a myriad of exciting motifs and prints are perhaps the most eye-catching part of the catalog as they provide a quick glimpse into the beach season’s best offerings and the general trend directions followed by most retailers. Bold modern florals, seductive animal prints, jungle print styles or simply abstract touches prove some of the most alluring alternatives of the month. From strapless styles to ones providing strong support, the options prove incredibly tempting.

As far as lingerie is concerned, the options highlight a much refined perspective. Still, despite their timeless appeal, the styles still tend to be on the trendy side. The love for vivid, saturated tones is evident from the outfit options to underwear and with the amazing effect they can have on subtly bronzed skin, it’s not hard to figure out why the trend has become so popular. Gorgeous coral tones, pink shades, striking green tones or sultry purple are just some of the fabulous colors offered.

One bold tone might be alluring but a fabulous combo of tones and textural details can be a whole lot better. A touch of complexity, chromatically speaking can prove a superb detail if done correctly and the catalog abounds in sultry choices constructed around this simple principle. Time and time again, the brand proves that confidence in the area of fashion can come from paying attention to the seemingly small but ultimately greatly influential details.

Photo courtesy of Victoria’s Secret