The Victoria’s Secret 2010/2011 fashion show is absolutely fabulous and has been awaited by everyone. Celebrities such as Paris and Nicky Hilton, Carine Roitfeld and lovely daughter, Zac Posen, Alexander Wang and many more others were present as this lingerie fashion show is different. The Victoria’s Secret 2010/2011 fashion show exudes a great amount of energy and happiness, a combo which is not too common, most fashion lingerie presentation being more somber.

Akon and Katy Perry helped with the shows entertainment and their performances were absolutely flawless. A combo of good music, beautiful models, sexy lingerie pieces and diamonds cannot be topped so no wonder so many people wanted to be present at the show.

The collection was divided into 6 themes, each theme being hotter than its predecessor; the first collection titled Tough Love was introduced by supermodel Adriana Lima who looks stunning. The Tough Love collection features sexy and powerful lingerie designs which suit women who wish to exude femininity but still dominate!

The second these of the collection was more sport, the name suggesting the style of the collection. Game On! was the name of the collection and the designs were clearly sports inspired. From sexy two piece lingerie featuring sporty details to all over sheer lingerie, the designs looked fabulous. Who would have guessed that sporty outfits can look as sexy!

What can exude more warmth and innocence than the countryside?! The Country Girl collection underlines this statement as the warmth, innocence as well as sensuality of the designs is unmatchable. This collection features plaids, flowers, lace details and soft colors, characteristics which are perfect for women who love being feminine, innocent but still sexy!

The Heavenly Bodies theme collection features sexy, bold designs which reveal the body fabulously. This collection is perfect for women who are more than comfortable in their own skin. The lingerie designs feature mostly two pieces and this allows women to not only look hot but show their heavenly body!

The Wild Things theme lingerie designs exude sexiness, style and power, the name of the collection being perfect. Zebra prints, peacock feathers, leopard prints, tiger prints, snake prints were all present on the runway and we loved each and every design.

The interesting two piece designs looked fabulous and seem to match every skin tone and most preferences as each design had a certain �je ne sais quoi� which not only attracts attention but boosts the sex- appeal sky high!

The VS Pink Planet theme instantly brightened up the room with the fun colors used. The multicolored pieces seem to be taken out of a fairytale, but a grownup fairytale as the designs are sexy but fun at the same time. Bright colors such as hot pink, turquoise, light blue, yellow, orange aided the style of the collection and the combinations of colors were absolutely perfect!

The details fell into place just like a puzzle and every designs looked spectacular. No wonder the Victoria’s Secret show has so many fans all over the world!

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