The bohemian inspiration is perhaps the most well known trademark when it comes to the True Religion brand. The latest swimwear collection for 2011 is one that still endorses this principle but takes it one step further and adds distinctive elements that give a touch of glamor and luxury to the collection, striking to create the perfect balance between a retro and a modern look. With a great variety of styles and color the designs manage to be eye catching without being over the top.

There are many interesting elements that can set this collection from many others of this sort in a matter of seconds. Aside from the unique vision that characterizes the brand, creativity and attention to details as far as accessorizing is concerned is definitely a strong point in the collection.

Belts, chains,fringes, flirty long necklaces or denim were cleverly used to make the bathing suits stand out in style. Aside from the earthy tones and occasional animal print designs the collection also manages to include studded designs which mange to give an eclectic vibe to the collection.

The color combinations tend to be rather conservative as the contrast is created either by using different tones that pertain to a similar color palette to create an ombre effect or by using more vibrant color in a strategic manner to add interest in a rather discreet manner.

The swimsuit styles on the other hand tend to be rather diverse being suitable for a variety of body shapes. From sexy bikini styles to boy shorts or one piece bathing suits the choices are indeed numerous and varied at the same time.

Despite the fact that numerous monochromatic styles can be spotted, the styles are by no means boring as the accessorizing options are almost endless as the styles presented cleverly manage to prove. Those who are fans of minimalistic designs can definitely benefit from adopting some of the accessorizing options presented in the collection as they truly manage to create interest very little effort. Whether you decide to opt for discreet accessories or you choose to go bold and select daring accessories paying attention to the color palette is mandatory.

The casual chic vibe is evident thought the collection, not only due to use of denim which not surprising taking into account the brand but also due to the relaxed attitude promoted. Versatile and fashionable the designs are undoubtedly alluring as long as the right style is being chosen.

Keeping your body shape in mind while searching for the perfect swimsuit is definitely one of the most important principles to keep in mind so make sure you adjust your search based on these factors.