The Robyn Lawley plus size swimwear line is not even launched, but is already enjoying a lot of popularity. The beautiful Australian plus size model could definitely relate to problems women above a certain size face on every swimsuit shopping session and finally decided to take matter in her own hands and create styles that are both fashionable and practical.

Like Gabi Gregg, who created the ultra successful “fatkini” swimsuit line, Robyn feels that plus size swimsuits on the market today tend to be unflattering and plain. Furthermore, in an interview with Refinery29 she stated that the options on the market today lacked functional elements she needed in a swimmer: “I’d had been thinking about it on and off for the past five years. I swim almost daily, and I found most swimwear that came in my size to be boring and unflattering with no real fashion elements. I also couldn’t find any bikinis that supported my bust in the surf, or had a high enough rise in the stomach section to be flattering, so the idea was born from my own necessity and grew from there.”

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Though the first Robyn Lawley swimwear line features only sizes 8 to 18, the model turned designer plans to expand the line with more sizes, both under and over the current range, provided the line would prove a success, of course. Despite the fact her goal is to provide fashionable swimwear to curvy women who aren’t able to find flattering options above a certain size, she would like the entire “plus size” concept to be abandoned:“This whole ‘plus-sized’ term has really had a negative effect on women. It’s okay in the fashion world referring to us booking models, but in the regular world I shouldn’t be called a ‘plus-size’ at all. I don’t feel plus-sized, I feel regular sized and I think that plays with girls who look at me and look up to me and think, ‘Oh my god, if she’s plus-sized, then what am I ?’”

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Until that happens, are the new Robyn Lawley swimsuits as covetable as they sound? Well, if you ask us, they are definitely cute. Inspired by art, different cultures and even food, the new swimsuits have urban, edgy, glamorous and retro allures and a myriad of intricate patterns that will never fail to attract attention. Robyn Lawley’s swimsuits will make their official debut online and in stores starting with August. The line is currently available for pre-sale at Madison Plus Select. The pieces retail for prices between $140 and $199.

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Photos: Madison Plus Select