According to consumer trends highlighted by The New York Times, young women are definitely embracing granny panties. In the past year, full-coverage underwear has seen a 17% sales increase, while thongs have dropped by 7%.

Find out more about the benefits of high waisted underwear that offers more coverage, and decide for yourself if you’re ready to make the switch from thongs to come comfortable and trendy underwear. Here are the biggest reasons granny panties are back.

1. They’re Comfortable

The most important thing that granny panties can offer is comfort. Whether they’re made from cotton, satin or stretch fabrics, they won’t go up your ass and they’ll keep everything supported. Forget about the constant wedgie you get from thongs and enjoy the comfort and protection from harsh fabrics, including denim.

Beyonce Granny Panties

2. Celebrities Are Embracing Them

One of the biggest reasons granny panties are back is the fact that celebrities are fully embracing the trend. From Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga to Chrissy Teigen and Kate Upton, high-waisted underwear is definitely making an impact. From boy shorts to tight briefs, plenty of celebrities are rocking granny panties and showing them off on Instagram.

3. They’re Empowering

Even if you love thongs, you can’t deny that they’re more about what men like to look at than about what women feel while they’re wearing them. Granny panties are empowering because they allow you to stop suffering for social conventions, and embrace your body without needing to show off almost every bit of it.

Feminist Granny Panties

4. They’re Great on Your Period

Pads and thongs don’t usually get along. When you’re on your period, granny panties can keep that pad in place. One of the reasons granny panties are back is the fact that they can keep the pad from slipping and they can also come in handy if you’re struggling with bladder control after giving birth. Full-coverage briefs are also great when you’re dealing with PMS-related cramps.

Granny Panties Are Hot

5. You Have More Style Options

If you want to make a fashion statement, full-coverage briefs definitely offer you more style options. From different styles to cute prints, granny panties definitely offer you more space to experiment with. Comparing the cost of thongs with high-waisted underwear will lead you in the right direction. And if you plan on wearing anything sheer, granny panties are definitely the way to go.

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Marilyn Monroe Granny Panties

6. They Give You Control

When you notice a little sagging or gain a few pounds, full-coverage underwear provides control, support and that’s definitely one of the reasons granny panties are back. Even if they’re not designed to act as shapewear, they can also help you control love handles and lumps, and even keep the dreaded FUPA in check.

7. Granny Panties Double as Pajama Bottoms

They’re not just comfortable while you’re awake! Full-coverage briefs are an excellent option for sleepwear. Use them as pajama bottoms and you’ll feel great while you sleep and when you wake up. If you opt for a printed style, you can definitely turn them into a sexy sleepwear choice that both looks and feels good.

Granny Panties Bridget Jones

8. Avoid UTIs

One of the best reasons granny panties are back is the fact that they’re also a great option for working out. Going to the gym in a thing creates friction, which raises the risk of developing a urinary tract infection, since they act as a bridge for bacteria between your butt and your vagina. Protect yourself with full coverage underwear when you’re active.

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9. They Don’t Always Create Visible Panty Lines

If you’ve been staying away from full-coverage underwear because you think it leads to an automatic panty line, think again. You can easily find plenty of options for granny panties that are virtually invisible under your clothes, whether they also offer the benefits of shapewear or not.

Granny Panties

10. Granny Panties Are Easier to Wash

Combining comfort and functionality, full-coverage underwear is also much easier to wash that delicate things. One of the great reasons granny panties are back is also the fact that you can just throw them into your washing machine without worrying about the most delicate cycle.