Staying stylish and comfy at all times isn’t easy yet the Parah loungewear collection sets out to change all that with a multitude of ultra exciting and glamorous options to try. Delicate tones and creative combos, several accessories and a high emphasis on comfort and versatility make the new season offerings totally lust-worthy. Femininity with playful touches is the concept beautifully endorsed throughout the lookbook.

Those who love pastels will be pleasantly surprised by the fabulous alternatives the brand brings to our attention. Ivory tones, lilac, rich orange, soothing gray or fun blue tones are the perfect choices for bringing a little visual interest while at the same time staying fairly subtle and innocent. If we are to talk about trends, the brand looks at them from a sweet, innocent perspective. Floppy hats have a multitude of colorful flowers and hair accessories tend to follow a similar direction. Aside from the ‘flower power’ inserts, a high accent is also placed on creating a fun look through jewelry choices.

Bangles and pearls bring a new level of refinement to surface while injecting a touch of glamor into the otherwise super-casual pieces. From nightdresses to lingerie and pajamas, the ritual of slipping into something warm and cozy doesn’t have to be always predictable as the lookbook adequately shows. From innocent youthful vibes to sexy and sultry accents, a little creativity can do wonders when it comes to putting a new spin on such pieces.

Along the multitude of covetable bras, bikinis, stockings and night dresses we are also able to spot several alluring footwear options. In the comfort-centric collection, oxfords are one of the best choices while wedges, which are practically synonym with spring prove a fabulous new option. Colorful or discreet, any of these choices prove a fabulous outfit enhancer, even if you’re only sporting such looks in the comfort of your own home.

Photo courtesy of Parah