New Look is one of the favorite brand of those who wish to find a complete line that provides them with clothing items of all styles no matter the event they wish to attend. You’ll find here party dresses, stylish accessories and even lingerie.

Following the latest trends when it comes of style designs, these underwear styles are created with great precision and creativity. Those who wish to crown their bras and panties collection with additional mesmerizing pieces should take a closer glimpse at the New Look lingerie collection for Fall Winter 2010 presented below.

No one can keep you safe from the new wave of lingerie designs that flooded the runway and later on the streets. This time designers as New Look decided to preserve the classy tailoring patterns adding prints and patterns and additional refined details to the bras, camisoles and complete lingerie sets. If you thought of silk and cotton as the perfect fabrics to use for the production of the most comfy underwear take a closer look at the velvet design presented here which serves as the best tools to look dazzling and pamper your skin with a sophisticated and skin-friendly material. This is indeed one of the ingenious contributions of New Look to the evolution of lingerie trends.

Wear your foxy lingerie for special events as well as if you feel like adding a tint of Burlesque or Pin-up style vibe to your apparel. Some of these lingerie designs would definitely take your partner of his feet. The ruffled and voluminous details are perfect to dress up the simply fabrics with a more decorative and high street allure. Lacy sections and the tiny bows are also perfect to make a dainty and drop-dead-gorgeous impression. Pair the right lingerie to your body shape and make sure you choose the most flattering styles that accentuate what should be highlighted in a subtle and more mysterious way.

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