Unleash your inner seductress with the fabulous lingerie styles from the Agent Provocateur fall/winter 2012 campaign proudly presented by Penelope Cruz's sister, Monica Cruz.

For the fall/winter 2012 season, the Agent Provocateur label has chosen Penelope Cruz's sister, Monica Cruz. A professional dancer, Monica, who has an incredibly strong resemblance with Penelope despite being three years younger, embodies the highly coveted characteristics of the high-end lingerie brand. Her sultriness and self confidence shine through in the newest brand photoshoot which focuses on seductiveness with a mysterious touch.

For the cold season, the label goes a bit on the Gothic side with romantic touches. Agent Provocateur’s creative director Sarah Shotton took time and explained her creative perspective to WWD.com: “I wanted it to be romantic Goth, so it’s quite dark but quite beautiful. …It’s nostalgic but true to the brand in dark shades of red and purple. It’s set in a Gothic underground space, brought alive by Mónica’s frenzied and fantastical performance. Mónica is a beautiful embodiment of the Agent Provocateur brand, knowingly sexy and empowered by her own sensuality."

The new campaign is titled “Wilhelmina: Show Your True Self” and Monica was definitely not camera shy when sporting these fabulous and ultra seductive ensembles. She has instantly brought her seductive allure to surface in an extremely natural way that surprised the photographer whose instant reaction was to state:“Well, that’s never happened before.” Her amazing potential definitely was well know, given the fact that she and her sister have previously done a similar project for a well known fashion label.

About the reasoning and creative perspective behind the presented key looks the creative director stated: “For Whitney, we wanted it to be edgy and domineering. We are finding those looks are getting to be more popular.…People are getting braver. We wanted Novah in colors that are rich and sexy and slightly Gothic. When I showed Novah to all of the girls at stores worldwide, it was like ‘Ah.’ The lace for Ameliah was so pretty that I wanted to use a full length of it as a skirt with suspenders. If you’re shy about your hips, it kind of skims off the top.” The label sure recognizes the multiple faces of sensuality, which means there are a variety of ways to feel sexy regardless of where you most feel like you belong when it comes to intimate apparel.

Photo courtesy of Agent Provocateur