Make a classy statement on the beach this summer by rocking fabulous eclectic designs. Embrace your love for graphic prints with delightful options from the Mara Hoffman spring/summer 2012 swimwear collection.

Too plain, too unflatering, too mainstream...there are endless excuses to procrastinate when it comes to finding the ideal swimsuit. Well, all excuses must end right now as the swimwear collection we're about to present to you is definitely exciting enough to make all your concerns fade away. The diversity of pieces, the fab Mexico inspiration and the deceiving simplicity of the designs are only a few of the reasons why the spring/summer 2012 Mara Hoffman beachwear collection will make you fall in love.

If the majority of swimwear labels migrate to the ubiquious floral and animal prints, the label finds the courage to stick to the patterns that made it ultra recognizable and brings a fresh allure to dazzle customers everywhere. From classy two piece bathing suits to incredibly alluring cover-ups for a complete fashion statement, lack of variety is definitely not an issue of the collection. Clear cutouts, precise print alignments and classy structures immediately highlight the multitude of reasons why geometric vibes are so popular among designers.

Monochrome pieces are never going to lose their appeal and if you've got a soft spot for classy pieces with a subtle twist, the beautiful cut-outs will certainly prove a nice variation from the norm. If the vibrant, bold tones which skyrocketed in terms of popularity are starting to make you a little dizzy, the brand's more toned down perspective will certainly be a soothing surprise. The adequate balance between warm tones and cool ones and the classy perspective which focuses on picking a strong focal point rather than making everything pop are definitely key elements that greatly enhance the appeal of the pieces.

Dare to step out of the mainstream style perspectives for a refreshing original touch with these fabulous new season offerings for the renowned swimwear brand. Pair the gorgeous swimsuits with a fabulous cover-up for an unexpected pop of sophistication and a delightful eclectic vibe that will surely set you apart from the norm, enabling you to stand out in style effortlessly.

Photo courtesy of People's Revolution