Keeping an eye on the most recent designer collections can be a great way to prepare for the new seasons even though they might seem quite far away at the present moment. The Mara Hoffman 2011 collection definitely has some interesting style suggestions to perk up your style that go beyond simple swimsuit designs and that can appeal to a wide variety of tastes.

In terms of accessories, swimwear and lingerie are definitely the sexiest ones so choosing the right style that defines your features and that reflects your personality should definitely rank as a top fashion priority. The right swimwear style can be a great confidence booster so trying on a variety of styles is recommended. Variety is certainly an attribute that can be attributed generously to the Mara Hoffman swimwear collection for 2011 as the styles are indeed very diverse.

Colorful and eye catching the collection moves beyond minimalism and focuses instead in creating interest through a variety of abstract eclectic prints in a variety of different ways. Although minimalistic designs are also present throughout the collection, more complex styles are definitely dominant. Geometry and femininity combine in unique yet ingenious ways creating surprising effects. The color palette is a n extremely diverse one and the combinations, although apparently risky manage to be surprisingly harmonious and alluring.

Perhaps the main element that distinguishes this collection from others of this sort is that the attention is not focused solely on bathing suits but instead is also on classy accessories such as dresses, tunics or other beachwear accessories one can use to complete the look. The swimsuits styles can also vary greatly from fancy bandeau styles to more conservative one piece swimsuits so that every woman can find the most flattering style for her her body type.

It is nearly impossible not to be at least a little intrigued with some of the designs presented as the distinguishable elements are very varied and thus have the potential to suit a variety of tastes and preferences. The fact that the collection does not rely on some leading prints trends as a source of inspiration brings an additional touch of originality to the collection. Although nature seems to have been the source of inspiration for the collection the unique vision of the designer has completely transformed the collection making it stand out.

Even though the designs presented are enough to grab attention by themselves, the role that accessories have in defining an outfit has not been neglected either. Head wear pieces or bags that have a similar inspiration theme and color palette are just a few of the examples offered by the designer to those who are interested in acquiring a fashionable polished look.

All in all the collection undoubtedly has a few style secrets worth stealing, being undoubtedly impressive not only due to the multitude of vibrant shades that are cleverly combined in order to create a jaw dropping effect but also to the variety of styles that allow women with completely different body shapes to take advantage of the alluring pieces presented throughout the entire collection. Select the style that best suits you and you are guaranteed to make a strong impression.

Photos courtesy of Mara Hoffman