Feeling comfortable and confident is one of the most important aspects when selecting any outfit and particularly for pieces that leave us feeling exposed like bathing suits. Of course, the degree of comfort and confidence can vary widely from person to person and the exact definition of what makes a certain style flattering is also very different. This is why style variety is extremely important when browsing a particular collection in the quest the perfect item.

The Lupoline spring/summer 2012 swimsuits are definitely designed to accommodate a variety of preferences and needs from the level of support and exposure to the color choices, making the newest collection the perfect alternative for those who embrace style diversity. Supermodel Monika Pietrasinska oozes sex appeal in the spring/summer 2012 lookbook as she highlights the multitude of flattering options available. Femininity is the buzzword of the next months and the majority of the designs emphasize this concept to perfection.

Instead of going for the ostentatious floral prints that captured all the spotlight lately, the brand opts for displaying a single flower symbol. Nautical references are another classy motif with a modern allure. Those who are in favor of textural touches instead of prints should definitely consider the bow monochrome swimsuits included in the collection. Fans of tie dye patterns will also find an exciting style with a simple, stylish contemporary vibe.

For an even more luxurious allure a fun necklace in a similar color palette can have an incredibly important impact in creating a head turning look. Even the smallest details matter in the bikini season especially since trying to impress and be admired is a natural desire, so a little extra effort can really go a long way in helping you become memorable.

Photo courtesy of Lupoline