Even though summer might seem quite far away right now there's no reason not to prepare for it in advance by browsing through some of latest swimwear collections. The Luli Fama swimwear collection for 2011 is truly spectacular so take a look at some of the most amazing designs available.

The Luli Fama 2011 swimwear collection is definitely one that draws immediate attention not only due to the spectacular designs presented but also due to the exciting collaboration of the brand with the well known Sports Illustrated Russian supermodel Irina Shayk. Photographed by David Tessier at the Viceroy Hotel in Miami Irina looks more gorgeous than ever in the fabulous multicolored swimsuits that invariably attract attention instantly.

It seems like the Lui designer decided to embrace the power of busy colorful prints wholeheartedly by turning to a variety of inspiration sources in order to satisfy a wide range of tastes and preferences. If we take into account some of the latest fashion trends, at least as far as prints are concerned.

From animal and floral prints to more abstract prints with a tribal touch the theme is used abundantly to create a variety of fashionable swimsuits that undoubtedly bring the summer spirit to life.

Considering the fact that the majority of the swimsuits presented are two pieces it can be quite easy to conclude that this collection can appeal most to women with a strong positive self image who are not afraid to get noticed and to play up their features in an appropriately seductive manner. The eye catching designs as well as the innovative color combinations are sure to attract some positive attention instantly.

Even though the prints tend to be the main highlight of the collection those who prefer monochrome swimsuits with a twist will also have plenty of options to choose from. Even though the patterns might be somewhat more discreet there are various elements that can make it stand out. Ruffles or bows can be a fabulous illustration of this concept as they can be a saving solution for ladies who want to create the impression of a bigger chest in a matter of seconds. In moderation such elements can be a great choice for adding curves or proportion where needed.

Looking beyond the alluring swimwear designs it is worth taking into account the accessory choices used to complete a fabulous look as they can be a worthwhile source of inspiration for completing our own look. Layered or chunky necklaces in interesting shades or chunky bangles with colors or long statement earrings from a common color palette are just some of the accessories used to complete a fabulous look.

Get ready fore the new season by taking a close look at the latest fashion trends and pay attention to details so you can update your style and create a flattering look. Select the style that most matches your body type and your personality and get ready to be on the spotlight.

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